Best Live Music Gigs you have ever been to

I saw White Zombie when I was still quite young. It was one of my first big concerts. I was naive about how things worked, and muscled my way to the front area. Well, as soon as the music started, I was right in the middle of the mosh pit! Lol This very big guy came at me, but in an out for blood way, with a look on his face like, "what are you going to do?" I had a big pair of heavy duty metal military binoculars I had been allowed to bring in, and I smashed them hard into him! He looked like he wanted to kill me, but the "human currents" swept him away from me! What a night... I relocated myself and greatly enjoyed the concert.
In 2013 I went to Sasquatch in Washington state, it was 5 days of pure awesomeness. I saw Bauer, Macklemore, Mumford and Sons, Capital Cities, Killer Mike, Earl Sweatshirt, Schoolboy Q was supposed to come but he got held up in Nevada. I did MDMA, and Mush, and smoked legal weed at the time in the state. I also got to see Sydney Rice right before his Superbowl Championship the next year. Music Festivals are a great place to meet people and socialize, some of my fondest memories were on this trip
I was a photojournalist in the army and after my first tour in Iraq in 2004 I got home and The Strokes were headlining a festival in Nashville. This was after their second album when they were a big deal. I called their publicist and somehow got to interview them, then they invited me to watch the show backstage. Got to hang out with them for several hours before the show then watched from backstage. They were fantastic. I asked their drummer Fabrizio Moretti to sign his drumsticks for the son of LTC Kim Orlando, an officer who was killed in Iraq. Our secretary was his wife and their son was an aspiring drummer in middle school. A couple week after the show they sent him a whole care package with a bunch of signed things including drumsticks.


April Wine opened for RUSH back in the late 70’s or early 80’s and it was epic. Ted Nugent put on some great shows as well. Some other greats were Styx, Foghat, and the Blue Osyter Cult Godzilla tour.


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This is my kind of thread..

Led Zepplin in Chicago in 1975 at the Auditorium. Lou Reed at Park West in 1978 and Patti Smith at the Aragon Brawlroom in 1979 on the Easter tour. Elvis Costello at the Uptown Theater in 1979. Talking Heads all three times. Todd Rundgren three times. Tom Waits at the Chicago Theater.
Little Feat at Western Illinois University while standing on the overhead catwalks with two buddies who ran the in-house lights. Keith Jarrett at the Auditorium. The Eurythmics. Annie Lennox in a bustier and black fishnet stockings singing "I Need a Man" was memorable as vamping personified. Muddy Waters at Chicagofest.
I tried to PM REC3 but maybe as he is new, the system would not let me. I have seen Robert Plant live a few times in recent years in Europe but am not old enough to have seen Led Zeppelin back in the day. Would have loved to though..

If I can navigate the covid restrictions in the coming few months will be looking to do some travel and tourism in the USA. If anyone has some tips about upcoming gigs and where to look to find out about gigs in the US, please PM me or post in the thread. Is there any city in particular which has a reputation for live music?

Best I have personally been to - will post when it comes to me, but I saw Electric Six once, was stupidly loud but none the less memorable. Oh - that's right, in the early two thousands I saw the Rolling Stones live on stage that was really good.