Big Pharma's public relations

Eusebius Erasmus

Big Pharma has obviously paid hundreds of millions of dollars to swing the CV19 narrative in its favour. However, how has this manifested?

For example, do you observe PR firms, paid by Big Pharma, editing Wikipedia articles?

Do they employ bots and paid trolls to scour websites like this one, in an effort to hamper discussion?

Some context articles:



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One of the biggest public shills for Big Pharma is a doctor named David Gorski. He runs an anti-alternative medicine and vaccine-propaganda blog:

It is rumored that he is an administrator on Wikipedia, since 2006, named "MastCell" although he has denied it. Perhaps he isn't, because if you look at his activity log he appears to be so busy campaigning against Donald Trump in Wikipedia that he doesn't have any time to be actually practicing medicine. However, looking through his editing activity (which is extremely tedious) you'll see that he has spent a lot of time and effort in the past criticizing natural medicine and advocating for vaccinations and Big Pharma drugs and treatments. He likely is paid by Big Pharma to do so.


They also pushed a lot of pro-vaxx stuff previously. Any time I would encounter a billboard sign, radio ad, etc. warning about how dangerous not getting vaccinated is I would look up the sponsor of the ad. Invariably it was some kind of astroturfed nonprofit funded by the large, branded pharmaceutical companies. Frequently this was in turn funneled through some kind of middleman think tank that pooled the pharma funds together which prevents you from knowing who funded which ad.
To be honest I haven't seen too much propaganda by big pharma directly. It's more that big pharma is just 1 string in the web of the elite. So yes, obviously it benefits the cojona measures, but I wouldn't see them as the big brain behind the global hoax.


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You don’t see too much of it because it’s run through intermediaries.
One interesting aspect of it is that the stereotype is that advocates of alternative medicine are liberal hippie-types while proponents of Big Pharma are Republicans. However, this does not appear to be wholly true. David Gorski, who I mentioned above, is an undisguised leftist. In fact, it appears that most of the Internet activists denigrating natural medicine and promoting Big Pharma are Democrats or "progressives."

I suspect that one of the reasons for it is similar to why leftists embrace the theory that mankind is responsible for changes in climate. Leftists seem to have an obsessive need for control, and alternative medicine definitely cannot be easily controlled. Hippie earth-muffins are classic liberals, who don't have the authoritarian obsession for control that post-modernist progressives do.