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A lot of people are getting stuck in the race weeds, either wanting to blame it all on white cops or all on black looters. Both groups are playing a role in what we're seeing, but I'd like to dedicate this thread to the levels of power above the useful idiots.

I'm in the belief that Antifa is a black ops operation (FBI/CIA). They never get serious jail time, and like with their inauguration rioting, get let off even when apprehended. So Trump's actions today is essentially an attack on parts of the Fed.

Is it safe to say that these riots are a coup attempt?

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^ I was debating this with my Dad this morning. On one hand, I would say the Whitehouse riots/trying to get onto the grounds looks like a coup. I would say the same thing for the fact that all state capital cities seem to have riots.

On the other hand, the state city riots don't seem coordinated enough with targets. I would think a coup would be going after police stations, utilities, jails, firearms stores, national guard pools etc. Instead they are going after targets and shoe shops.


I don’t have evidence, but I can’t see how Antifa can be this effective without the cooperation of the FBI. In the 1960s, there was leftist terrorism, but they were identified and hunted down. The leaders of the Black Panthers were household names, and they didn’t try to hide themselves. Who are the leaders of the Antifa? Do you know any names? Who the hell are they? They are professional saboteurs.


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The Biden campaign is involved in bailing out the same people most of the left are telling us can only be the far-right!

Campaign staff for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden are advertising their donations to a group that pays bail fees in Minneapolis after the city’s police jailed people protesting the killing of a black man by a white police officer.

I'd like to see more info on who is behind Antifa. We can say for sure that there is considerable quiet support, and sometimes open support, from the mainstream-institutional left. I remember seeing an Alex Jones video from about 2013 in which people from a group that I think was called The Texas Red Guards (anarcho-communists) were being dropped off and handled by people in high-end cards.

I think it's too difficult to put a lot of what goes on together. Why is the new very left-wing media, like Vice, Vox, Mic, Salon, Slate, Teen Vouge all heavily financed by multi-billionaires who live in gated settlements and spend $100,000 / day in The Hamptons? Why are there so many connections between the far-left and billionaires? Why is Israel facilitating mass immigration into Europe? There are so many links like these that make it look like they are shooting themselves in the foot.

My best conclusion is that everything the left/mainstream support aids in depopulation and that seems to be the thing they are most interested in. They do not have any association with their country-people or people with a similar background. Their only association is with other elitists. But at the same time so much of what they do seems to be focused on engorging the ranks of the underclass and swamping themselves with people who are a threat to the continuation of their system.
I'm in the belief that Antifa is a black ops operation (FBI/CIA). They never get serious jail time, and like with their inauguration rioting, get let off even when apprehended. So Trump's actions today is essentially an attack on parts of the Fed.

Is it safe to say that these riots are a coup attempt?
I think rather, it is a globalist oligarch sponsored organization and the democrats shock troops. I would imagine most law enforcement is against them but like Jeffrey Epstein and illegal immigrants they have to 'catch and release' after getting a call from senator so and so.

My prediction: And NGO or someone will sue in court a leftist judge will rule that no, they are not a terrorist organization.

but it will be interesting if Trump succeeds -paypal, social media, etc still allows them to raise funds, coordinate, post , sell merchandise, etc.

I also don't think NYC globalist would allow it to happen in their backyards, so this could be a Frankenstein monster out of control.
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So what is the practical root of elites desiring depopulation.. that with 12b people on this planet their various gardens of eden get turned to shitholes? I'm sure more than a few simply enjoy watching the fireworks from their gated estates.


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Investigative Journalist Lara Logan's tweets contained big picture playbook & analysis.



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Lara Logan's on a roll.

Her tweets continued:
Lara Logan @laralogan 1h

Here are their propaganda narratives so you can see their strategy: (1) “The President has intellectual, mental and moral deficiencies - same thing they have been saying from the moment he won the election. Insisting over & over he is unstable, corrupt & stupid.”

(2) “The President failed to recognize the anger over the systemic racism” - wait a minute - so you are saying it was there before him - ie: during Obama, Bush & Clinton etc - yet it is still all his fault? Are they trying to get this President removed?

(3) The people do not want to live in “occupied territory” with a “militarized police force”. Projecting the police across the U.S. as a militarized force is exactly what Antifa sites have been putting out today - and their media allies like the Verge. Look up their article.
Lara Logan

(4) He questioned the “moral legitimacy” of this Administration - same talking point in Media Matters of America - MMA - strategic document “in the wake of Trump’s election. They stressed the popular vote winner - ie: HRC - had the moral legitimacy/authority.

A Republican strategist - Steve Schmidt - actually said these words which I heard myself: there’s “no one in the country that trusts the government of the country”. I was shocked because I read this on multiple Antifa sites today.

What does this signal? Obviously there are Republicans who want this Administration removed as much as Democrats and the Chinese. That has been known for some time but this indicates how far they are prepared to go. Why is the President such a threat to them all?

I think she's referring to this deleted video.

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Everyone seems to be pointing to various groups. My question would be are there countries behind these groups. I think China or Russia or maybe a third party. Another question is whats the next step. Surely this cannot go on indefinitely. They will run out of things to burn. Will it spill over to the residential areas, probably not because unlike the police residents will shoot. Also this seems to be an all out ditch effort. Cards are on the table moment. Someone will have to back down. The cops will do what their bosses tell them so who is behind the cops?My suspicion is that the cops will continue to do nothing and let this roll on until people get exhausted. Anger takes alot of energy and cannot be sustained indefinitely. Id say at least a week but no more then that. Some of the protesters have been video taping and catching the agitators so at some point they will have to change their strategy. Anonymous in my opinion has a govt behind them, dont know who but theres no way they are "independent". I suspect anonymous and the agitator groups have the same backer. I also suspect that the average joe will not do anything but stay home. So how much of the city will be destroyed before a.Rioters get tired or b.Police get the order that times up.
Does anyone here know people who are involved with Antifa?

I used to know a guy who participated in these types of events. Wear a mask and try to break up right wing gatherings. I know he was with a group that tried to break into a room where Milo was speaking. He was a legit supporter of North Korea. Had a good sense of humor in face to face interactions and I would talk shit to him sometimes. Came from a fatherless home. Mom and sister were both meth heads. He had his shit semi-together, for someone his age from such a background.


Honestly I don't care anymore about the "why" and details of an individual protest, I now automatically assume that any massive protest is coordinated and paid for by one of the GloboHomo NGOs or the deep state or foreign governments such as China, the EU, Israel etc.

The medium is the message, these kind of protests exists in and of itself for the purpose of stirring shit up, not to right a specific wrong. You can tell by who is participating, who is leading and supporting, as well as the fact that there are no specific demands relevant to the case of George Floyd, and by the fact that "spontaneous" protests are flaring up in the US and globally to show support (just had one in London).

Whether it's Extinction Rebellion in London protesting for environmentalism, BLM or Antifa in Minnesota protesting for minorities, Green Peace and their ilk or "civil rights activists", the goal is always to cause disruption and create a "pressure cooker" to affect change by pressuring politicians, decision makers, judges, business owners etc.

The more interesting question to me is who is behind it and what is the goal - Is it the current government looking for reasons to increase control measures? Rival political parties trying to embarrass the incumbent and bring change? The deep state trying to prevent change? Foreign governments trying to exert geopolitical pressure? Local community leaders trying to make a name for themselves? All of the above?
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Last night (6/1/20), talk show host Ben Ferguson brought up a good point. He wondered why the police were so ready and willing to arrest citizens for church gatherings, and barbecues, yet let the crowds in these riot situations congregate for hours at a time.

This sort of thing makes me believe Lara Logan's assertion (posted earlier in this thread) that there is a larger agenda and whoever is in charge had police forced infiltrated.


... I now automatically assume that any massive protest is coordinated and paid for by one of the GloboHomo NGOs or the deep state or foreign governments such as China, the EU, Israel etc.
In Germany the Antifa is financed among other things by associations and NGOs and these in turn are financed with the taxpayer's money. Here an article from March:

Künast demands permanent financing of antifa groups

BERLIN: The Green Member of the Bundestag Renate Künast has called for a permanent financing of Antifa. "I am tired of how we have been fighting for years for NGOs and Antifa groups who are committed to fight for their money and can only sign contracts of employment from year to year. They must have reliable financing", she said in the Bundestag.

She also complained that these organizations were repeatedly deprived of funds. In the fight against right-wing extremism, she added, institutions were needed which worked independently and scientifically. As a first step, she demanded to delete the word "race" from the constitution.

Antifa threatens AfD (the only conservative party in Germany)

In her speech in parliament, she warned against new manifestations of the extreme right. They would no longer come "in bomber jackets and jumper boots, but with white collars and tweed jackets".

In the past, Künast had spoken out against having the Left Party monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. He said that the agency should not be misused for this purpose.

Antifa groups had repeatedly made the headlines with attacks on AfD politicians. In Berlin, the party is currently unable to find rooms for its state party conference due to threats from the antifa.


Sun Tzu said: In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy's country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them. #

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting. #

Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy's plans; #

Perhaps the word "balk" falls short of expressing the full force of the Chinese word, which implies not an attitude of defense, whereby one might be content to foil the enemy's stratagems one after another, but an active policy of counter-attack. Ho Shih puts this very clearly in his note: "When the enemy has made a plan of attack against us, we must anticipate him by delivering our own attack first."