Bill Burr: The ultimate red pill comic


I don't mind anyone making fun of white people. But if you do make some white jokes, at least do it right. Like mass shooting are a white people problem...come on.
Big difference is, that I won't writte a letter to Netflix or start a blog criticize Chappelle and he should immediately get canceled. I love freedom of speech but that also includes me criticize a guy for not doing a 2 minute research about mass shootings before speaking to a very wide audience.


I like Burr but does he have to scream his act at us? And that #metoo bit about the female comic who flicked his dick went on waaaaaaay too long with little comedic payoff. Felt sorry for the bewildered Brits in the audience.


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Leonard D Neubache said:
I've watched little of Burr but like most comedians he gets to choose between crushing his demons and becoming a better man or maintaining his dysfunctional nature for the benefit of his oblivious and perpetually flighty fans.

Some people would want the man to suffer decade over decade and maintain a painfully dysfunctional life in order to keep entertaining them with the ridiculous anecdotes such a life produces. Then when he ends up alone, a perpetual drunk, or hangs himself then all his fans will say "he had so much to live for".

I don't know how misguided he is in the direction he's taking to build a better life for himself and his family but at least he's trying.

Fuck anyone who wants him to suffer for their benefit until he ends up divorced from his wife, estranged from his daughter and finally puts a shotgun in his mouth.

And this attitude is why your standup sucks now.