Black attacks on Asians

According to The DoJ stats for 2018:


Source -

Asians have mysteriously been dropped from this table in The Year of Floyd (2020), which is the latest release:

I imagine white heavily under report attacks by blacks. Since much of these crimes will occur in hip n' happenin' areas where racism is not cool.
I was discussing things with an Asian friend a few months ago and also saw that they dropped Asians from the table in the most recent year. Honestly, I'm almost surprised that they still provide this sort of data given how strongly it shows who is the major culprit when it comes to violent crime. It would seem strange they would remove Asians from the data, but not hide anything else. Maybe someone is concerned that Asians are starting to figure it out. However, according to the FBI's data of crimes that are considered anti-Asian "hate crimes," whites account for about 46% of the perpetrators and blacks account for 14% (Source:, although the percentages don't seem to add up to 100. Also, the most recent data they have is from 2019.

So in conclusion, when combining the above two sources it appears the vast majority of black on Asian crimes are not considered by the government to be hate crimes.
Gee I wonder why.

These articles are ridiculous. I posted another in a thread the other day, asking why on earth are trains in Bulgaria safer than in the most violent cities in the world. It can never occur to the that their own system is destroying itself and it and they will be gone in their lifetime.

Another from a few years ago, young boys are joining the alt-right and we have absolutely no idea why. This published in a paper that regularly publishes articles on why such people are inheratly awful. Meanwhile the people who are awful are mysteriously invisible, like in the entire Asian hate saga.

Read the article. Racism is mentioned, but no details on these pesky racists.
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The irony here is that non-Whites moved to the US because as a White majority-country it had ensured a stable and prosperous middle-class protected by a dependable rule of law.

Incidentally, the biggest beneficiaries of this White majority status have been Asians. This is why leftists regularly label Asians as “White adjacent”, even if the logic behind the exact label is faulty.

The problem is that many Asians are either too scared to call out the 13-52 crowd for what it is or they actually partially buy the leftist lunacy even as other measures (such as education and income) prove they do not buy it in totality.
White men built that subway. Therefore it was white supremacism. QED.
When will Asians ever stop voting largely for the left though? Really baffling... disappointing really that the propaganda has worked so well on them too. I know they're rather collectivist so maybe that's why.
The Democrats are the party of non-Whites. It's that simple. If you were a godless, greedy, opportunistic heathen immigrating to a country in pursuit of easy money, wouldn't you also vote for the party that just gives you free stuff at the expense of the natives among which you feel no kinship? I mean, where's the downside? It's a country full of Whites and the Whites even have a party full of Whites (or White-looking people) who are just showering you with gifts and basically prostrating themselves before you.

Why would you vote for the party that might make that gravy train come to an end? Responsible government, you say? Pah, why bother when you can just loot the country and then leave and go back to your ethnic home with all that sweet wealth?

Note to our Anglo-Saxon friends on this forum: next time you guys start a country, make it an unamendable, eternally binding, un-vetoable law that there shall be no immigration of any kind. The law shall say: if the population size is low, the people shall be urged and incentivized to reproduce at a higher rate among themselves. Births to foreign parents shall be shipped off to the country of the foreign parent.