Black Man Executes 5-Year-Old Boy Riding His Bike



Johnny Rico

Mainstream media isn't touching this with a ten foot dreidel. Black sack of shit kills white boy unprovoked. There is no story that could possibly be exactly the opposite of the narrative.

I hope the killer is flayed alive in prison.

EDIT: My statement is not racist I would despise anyone who committed this crime. I only used the term black because of the MSM censorship on black on white crime.
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Imagine living in a world where things like this become the norm, yet the media doesn't report on it. If you post it on social media it will be taken down by "fact checkers".

Yet when the police kill a criminal in the process of committing a serious crime, or who is violently resisting a lawful arrest, they will be thrown to the mob by the media and government.

In the near future it will be against the law to make a post such as this.


This is going to be ignored by the leftist media. It doesn’t fit the narrative that blacks can blame all of their problems on “systematic racism” instead of taking responsibility for their actions. This narrative, for the record, is one a lot of black people resent: It encourages complacency and laziness.

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
South African crimes are typically only reported in non-SA media. Sadly, I'm surprised anyone in western media cares about them enough to report them at all. Just do a search, any time, and you will find some horrific crime that occured in South Africa within the last week or two:

SA is about the size of Florida + California. Imagine if those two states had brutal rapes and murders of elderly whites every single week. We won't read those stories once they begin happening here.

Considering the nature of the crime, and the look of the killer, I suspect he has serious mental illness issues. But that is still no excuse for what he did. I certainly do not suspect mental illness from every criminal.

I remember regularly walking past a house with a black owner, that was in my neighborhood. The old man had a dog whose job was to run out and bark at me (there was a chain-link fence), though I was minding my own business and on the sidewalk. I always felt like either bribing the dog with beef jerky, which would have made the man most likely angry, or simply saying as he watched the dog perform, "really, does this amuse you?"

One day as I walked by, he had two young black men with him, in front of his garage, who were probably grandchildren or cousins. They all stared at me as I walked by, despite this being a fairly busy public street. I was living in the better part of a lower middle class neighborhood, which was probably at least one third black and hispanic.

But considering he looked to be in his early seventies, I can only imagine the racism the guy had experienced during the course of his life.

In this same area, was an extremely successful white artist/painter. He could easily get ten grand for a painting that probably took a week to do. I had followed his career in the local news. The man had a very cool looking home/workshop that made me think of the heavily fortified enclave Charleton Heston's character lived inside, in the post-apocalyptic sf horror film, The Omega Man.
Don't buy into racist divide and conquer which will get this forum shut down sooner or later.

Getting away from impoverished members of people known for high rates of violent crime is just common sense and being weary about people of color (especially in groups) in times of marxist BLM created by the powers that be is common sense as well.

You don't want to live near white methhead small towners / housing project dwellers either as nothing but trouble comes from them.

The Resilient

Don't buy into divide and conquer which will get this forum shut down sooner or later.

Buying into divide and conquer? What ??? I've lived in the ghetto, and got robbed by hoodlums like the dude above. This would have never happened in a white neighborhood and less likely in a poor white neighborhood than a "diverse" neighborhood. Diversity is a weakness and a symptom of a dying society.

Anyways...That's not happening. Roosh has his domain on Epik i believe. It's not on Godaddy or any of those cuck hosts.
I don't know if some of you are serious; but if this monster did what he did to such a beautiful young soul full of innocence there is absolutely nothing that shouldn't come to him. "Mental illness" my ass.

I personally think the death penalty would be a very appropriate punishment. But still, he very well may be mentally ill. And there could be demonic influence, too.