Black market solutions to maintaining pre-COVID19 freedoms


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Yep, trying to be white pill myself but some signs this is falling apart now.

Normies are done with it. Nobody is afraid anymore. Just virtue signalling but even then with a grimace behind the mask. Nobody wants to be doing this anymore. Boredom has replaced fear.

The evil oligarchs must be hoping that ADE kicks in for the winter season or this is basically over.


Still not found any black market solution myself, surely it's got to be easy enough to find.
Need to fly quite frequently and the cost of getting tested is adding up.


Travelling is still possible almost anywhere if you have the money and time. Business visa and illegal entry is one solution. However Australia and New Zealand is very difficult due to their military patrolling the ocean and rough seas/remoteness


This could be an option for those in USA - 2 people (ideally volunteers) showing up at your door.

Bring them in, make an offer to vax the sink.

Unsure if there are options in other countries, in my European country you must go to a centre with a supervisor and multiple people administering them at once.

Any other options, please post them here.


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Still not found any black market solution myself, surely it's got to be easy enough to find.
Need to fly quite frequently and the cost of getting tested is adding up.
What are you getting when tested that allows you to fly?

Is it paper or digital?


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Please elaborate

So you downloaded an app and when you get tested the test provider forwards info to the app provider? And then you show this to the airline at check in ?

Im just trying to understand ..Any of us that will not take the jab can benefit


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Black market for fake vaccine certificates reaches new peaks, while Delta variant keeps spreading globally​

Check Point Research continues to monitor the dark marketplace in which COVID 19 Vaccine certifications are sold to anyone willing to pay. Prices have reduced, now ranging between $100-120. Darknet advertisements for COVID-19 vaccines have increased and groups advertising selling certificates contain sometimes up to 450K people.
  • Fake ‘vaccine passport’ certificates on sale for $100-120
  • Majority of the fake certificates sold from European countries
  • Also on sale: The EU Digital COVID certificate, CDC and NHS Covid vaccine cards and fake PCR COVID-19 Tests
  • Volume of advertisement groups and groups sizes publishing sellers multiplied by hundreds percent since the beginning of 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is here and apparently never left, and furthermore- it seems it does not show signs of wearing off or slowing down.

As of the beginning of August, there have been reports of 623K new cases daily, with 4.43B doses of vaccines given around the globe, which makes 15.4% of the world’s population fully vaccinated.

While the time for summer vacations is here, people are seeking ways of getting to such vacations, and this becomes a very complicated task.

In Singapore, government has decided to relax restrictions in 2 phases this month. Italy introduced a new digital health certificate, which allows holders to access cultural and gastronomic activities. Australia released details of its reopening plans, Japan extended its state of emergency in several cities, US remaining the Mexican and Canadian borders closed until at least the end of August and England suspended it’s quarantine policy for vaccinated travelers from the US and EU.

Across all continents, it is obvious that COVID vaccines are the key to this steel lock that refuses to remain free. However- vaccine skeptical population isn’t wearing down and continues to grow across continents, taking its toll and slowing the global effort to mass vaccinate the world’s population against the virus.

France is one of the most vaccine-skeptical counties, and according to a recent survey, four in ten people in France said they definitely or probably won’t get vaccinated against Covid-19. Germany saw a massive anti-vaccine movement and reports show that about a third of American adults are resisting the vaccine.

On sale: Certificates for every country

In our previous March report, we detailed how Check Point Research observed a trend of fake ‘vaccine passports’ certificated are being sold online across the Darknet for $250, and that Darknet adverts for COVID vaccines spike to new levels.

We have mostly presented certificates being sold from the US, UK and Germany. Currently our researchers spotted fake certificates from all around the world, where the majority are coming from Europe, with certificate fakes of the NHS certificate, the EUDCC (EU Digital COVID Certificate), and other countries such as Greece, Netherlands, Italy, France and Switzerland related certifications.

Furthermore we’ve seen examples of certificates for the US, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Anti-vax movement is gaining momentum- “For all those who don’t want to take the Vaccine”

While previous reports showed sporadic, though expending, numbers of advertisements on the darknet, our researchers now see an exponent growth in volumes of followers and subscribers to groups and channels offering and advertising COVID19 certifications and other means to bypass the need to physically get the vaccine, while “enjoy” the benefits of vaccinated population.
These benefits might include boarding planes, accessing cultural and crowded events, getting work etc’.

The advertisements specifically state that the seller “provide registered vaccine certificates…for all those who don’t want to take the vaccine”

‘We are here to save the world from this poisonous vaccine’

The channels we spotted offer the ‘service’ and even detail it’s actual impact.

“With our cards you can travel and work”.

The sellers often state that the certificates are ‘verified’ and invites the buyers to take simple steps in order to place an order- all you need to do is ‘let us know what country are you from and what you want’.

The sellers offers to contact them via Telegram, WhatsApp or email, and payments can be transferred through PayPal and Crypto currency (Bitcoin/ monero, doge coin and others).

We’ve also seen many sellers that do not forget to state anti-vaccination statements such as:

“You don’t need to take the jab(vaccine) to have the certificate”

“We are here to save the world from this poisonous vaccine”

“Stay away from the vaccine and be save while we continue this fight”

Price for fake COVID-19 vaccine cards and passports drops to $100: report​

A variety of COVID-19 vaccine verifications are being sold at increasingly low prices on the dark web, according to a new report from Check Point Research.

Researchers found that prices for EU Digital COVID certificates as well as CDC and NHS Covid vaccine cards had fallen as low as $100. Fake PCR COVID-19 tests are also sold widely, and Check Point Research's study found groups advertising the fake vaccine verifications in groups with more than 450,000 people.

The report attributes the "majority" of these fake vaccine verifications to groups across Europe.

A previous report from the company in March found that the price for fake vaccine passports was around $250 on the dark web and that advertisements for the scams were reaching new levels.

The researchers now can find fake certificates being sold from groups and people in the US, UK, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, France, Switzerland, Pakistan and Indonesia.

There were many samples of the UK's NHS certificate as well as the EU Digital COVID Certificate used in multiple countries.

Check Point Research reported an "exponential growth in volumes of followers and subscribers to groups and channels offering and advertising COVID-19 certifications and other means to bypass the need to physically get the vaccine."

"The advertisements specifically state that the seller 'provide registered vaccine certificates…for all those who don't want to take the vaccine,'" the report said.

"The channels we spotted offer the 'service' and even detail it's actual impact. 'With our cards you can travel and work.' The sellers often state that the certificates are 'verified' and invite the buyers to take simple steps in order to place an order -- all you need to do is 'let us know what country are you from and what you want.'"

The groups offer contact through email, WhatsApp, and Telegram while generally asking for payment through some form of cryptocurrency -- mostly Bitcoin, Monero, doge coin and others, according to the report. The groups also accept payment through PayPal.

In their advertisements, the groups explicitly include anti-COVID-19 vaccine statements dissuading people from taking it and painting themselves as protecting the world.

The report includes statements like "You don't need to take the jab(vaccine) to have the certificate," and 'We are here to save the world from this poisonous vaccine," as well as "Stay away from the vaccine and be save while we continue this fight."

Check Point Research suggests countries create a secured, internally managed repository that can hold official COVID-19 testing and vaccination data or use things like QR codes to certify vaccine verifications.

The spike in demand for fake vaccine passports and cards comes as hundreds of companies are forcing employees and customers to show evidence of COVID-19 vaccination before coming into offices or businesses. Even the US Army announced this week that COVID-19 vaccines will be required.

The regulations have set off significant backlash in dozens of countries as anti-COVID-19 vaccine movements gain steam. The Check Point Research cites surveys from France, Germany and the US showing that about 30%-40% of respondents do not plan to take the COVID-19 vaccine despite the recent surge due to the more infectious Delta variant of COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccinations drives have stalled in many Western countries in recent weeks. About 1.3 billion people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, representing more than 15% of the world.

Jürgen Stock, INTERPOL Secretary General, said in December that law enforcement needed to be ready to deal with the wave of face vaccines and fake vaccine verifications.

"Criminal networks will also be targeting unsuspecting members of the public via fake websites and false cures, which could pose a significant risk to their health, even their lives," Stock said.

"It is essential that law enforcement is as prepared as possible for what will be an onslaught of all types of criminal activity linked to the COVID-19 vaccine, which is why Interpol has issued this global warning.


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Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Emerge in Russia​

In Russia, local news reports that a sophisticated black market for fake vaccine cards is thriving in secret Telegram forums even as COVID-19 runs rampant through the country.

Official vaccination certificate in Moscow. Fake ones emerged on Russia's virtual black markets. (Photo: Moscow's Mayor Office)As COVID cases decline and mask mandates lift across Europe, a third wave is striking Russia. The country is recording case numbers over 20,000 a day. On Tuesday, Russia reported 652 deaths in one day — a new record.

These high numbers have spurred efforts to vaccinate the population. Putin has announced that he won’t enact a nationwide vaccine mandate, but government officials are using other means to pressure people to get vaccinated.

The Moscow Department of Health has declared that only vaccinated people may receive medical care, much to the concern of human rights activists. Mayor Sobyanin of Moscow instituted a vaccine passport system--in the form of QR codes that prove vaccination — which people need to gain entry at restaurants, bars and clubs after 11 p.m. in the city. And government authorities just issued a requirement for 60 percent of all service industry staff to receive at least one dose of the vaccine by July 15th.

Russian authorities initially planned to reach herd immunity by vaccinating 60 percent of the population by Sept. 1. Just this week, the government announced it will count those previously infected as immune, dropping the country’s goal to a 30-35 percent vaccination rate by the fall.

But over 60 percent of Russians don’t want the vaccine. And it’s not just the general public who feel hesitant about getting a shot: a recent report from the Lancet suggests that even doctors in Russia are resisting it.

Russia’s high rates of vaccine skepticism stem from a combination of factors: TV reports have downplayed the severity of the virus for months, so 55 percent of Russians aren’t afraid of contracting COVID-19. And a majority of Russians are afraid—and distrustful—of government-made vaccines.

Only 14.8 percent of the Russian population has been vaccinated as of June 27. But even that number may be inflated, as many people who buy fake vaccine cards are counted in the official data.

The process of obtaining a fake vaccine certificate commences on Telegram, an encrypted messaging platform where most sellers do business. People can pay for either just a paper vaccine card, or, for a bit more money, can upgrade to have their phony vaccine recorded in the national register.

According to Baza, a Russian online news site, sellers collude with medical workers to fulfill these requests. In order to make the fake vaccination seem real, doctors and nurses pour out and throw away the contents of a numbered vial. Then they input the buyer’s personal data and fake dose information into the official database. Russia’s vaccination data is skewed as a result, since it boasts an unknown number of discarded doses.

Pavel Brand, a director of family clinics in Russia, told Forbes that this practice of paying nurses for fake shots isn’t new in Russia. This method — nicknamed “jab down the drain” — has been used for years.

Sometimes people skip the middlemen and pay medical workers directly for this. Vassily Vlassov, a distinguished public health professor at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, told the OCCRP that nurses will take bribes of relatively low amounts pretty easily. “For nurses 100 bucks is good money.”

Fake vaccine facilitators may be also turning a profit in less obvious ways. People may be selling the personal data gathered during this scheme for more money. In order to enter someone into the official vaccine database, sellers have to receive a customer’s passport information and insurance account number. Sources speculated to Kommersant, a Russian news site, that sellers are marketing this personal data on the darknet.

Printing, processing, and possessing fake COVID-19 vaccine certificates is highly illegal, and punishable with prison time. The consequences are even higher for medical professionals caught in the scam. But Russian authorities have been slow to crack down, and very few arrests have been made.

In the meantime, as authorities continue to impose strict vaccination rules, experts predict that the demand for fake vaccine certificates will skyrocket.

But, since Russian vaccine statistics are muddled with both the real and the fake, ultimately it is just really hard to tell.


Black market for fake vaccine certificates reaches new peaks, while Delta variant keeps spreading globally
Globalhomo claims it can't stop child porn, sex traffic, illegal immigrants, drugs (so we have to make it all legal) but magically they will find a way to get rid of this.

It will probably be the limitation of paper - in other words, if you don't have a smart phone or claim not to you will be given a device.

What would really be interesting is some spoofing/ or hacking software that could imitate or spoof qr codes.


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23 people caught trying to fly from Israel to New York with forged COVID tests​

United Airlines passengers removed from flight and detained, then released on bail and fined, with possibility of further punishment under consideration; US authorities informed

Twenty-three people were caught trying to fly to New York with forged coronavirus test results, the Health Ministry and Israel Police said Thursday.

According to the statement, United Airlines conveyed its suspicions that the paperwork was falsified to the Health Ministry and police.

When this was confirmed, the passengers were removed from the airplane and taken for interrogation by police. The passengers were released on bail and fined, with the possibility of further punishment under consideration.

Their details were additionally given to US authorities, the statement said.

The statement did not say if the 23 passengers had falsified their test results because they had previously tested positive.

Travelers to most destinations on most airlines have to present a copy of a recent negative coronavirus test in order to fly. The test results are generally printed out or displayed on a phone to airport workers in a system vulnerable to manipulation.

The statement said that some 15 people are discovered every day at the airport attempting to travel with falsified paperwork for tests, with some of them found additionally to be breaking quarantine.

The Health Ministry along with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has called on Israelis to cease traveling abroad in order to prevent the import of new coronavirus variants upon their return, and travelers to all but 10 countries will have to quarantine on their return to Israel starting August 16.


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23 people caught trying to fly from Israel to New York with forged COVID tests​

Fake vaxx card I get. But fake test?...You can spit in little container now. I dont get it...unless theyre just trying to save the shekels. ;)


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There are non-black market solutions overseas if you have contacts.

Now if someone were not to have contacts what one might ask is, who in American society is most likely to align with your hesitancy to take an experimental vaccine. The answer to that question would be holistic and naturopathic doctors and pediatricians. I live in a communist state where religious exemptions aren't even accepted anymore yet have found a holistic chiropractor for my son who not only supports our choice not to vaccinate but has happily recommended likeminded docs and pediatricians.

No matter where you are there are docs who are against this crap. Use your critical thinking skills and figure out how to find them.

Also ask, which demographics are least likely to get the vax. Celebs. Hasidic Jews. Which doctors do they see. Celebs don't visit the doctor, the doctor visits them.....Can't buy fireworks or switchblades legally most places but, if you visit your local Chinatown......


If I was a 25 yr old bachelor I might look at the black market. But with a wife and kids any solution I seek needs to be 100% legal and legit. There is more at stake but the alternatives are there if you have the motivation.