Black market solutions to maintaining pre-COVID19 freedoms


Maybe not directly, but I'm pretty sure they have front groups that not only host that, they also manufacture it.
I dont know about all that.

I know a guy who works on this a collateral duty. He's told me some really really really really terrible things (and I've got a pretty high shock factor)

From what I've gathered... a lot of the kid diddling is done by younger adults - age 16-21ish who know the kids, are related to them ect... and will film the abuse on things like their cell phone ect...

I mean there are absolutely elements that will use the kid stuff others produce in a sting... so maybe that's what youre referring to, in which case OK i'd accept that. But If youre saying "the FBI has front groups that rape kids and film it" I wouldn't go that far.


I heard some very bad people on te leg ram are doing that.
Also sales through dar kn et.
Very bad people, me not approve.
Just yesterday, new article about even worse people in Ukraine selling them to foreigners:
It's so bad I don't want to translate, use the translator.

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Anyone who can help with vax please message
I’m also in similar situation if someone is near the East coast, under Debalsio’s get layoff or vaxxed within 9 days nightmare.. Religious exemption was denied, probably not even reviewed. Many years tenured working now in a tough spot. Nothing is an object, can travel anywhere if needed. Very worried if anyone can help
If anyone can help I’m in a desperate situation with my work. East coast/NY. If so please message

It's not easy to give advice over the internet for this stuff since your situation will likely be different than someone else's.

From the basic info you've given it sounds like it's time to pack up and leave. It won't be easy but it's also probably time to recreate yourself and look to new options.