Black people speaking truth about race issues

WILLIAMS: Blacks Of Yesteryear And Today

I was a teenager, growing up in the Richard Allen housing project of North Philadelphia, when Emmett Till was lynched in Money, Mississippi, on Aug. 28, 1955, and his brutalized, unrecognizable body later recovered from the Tallahatchie River. From 1882-1968, 4,743 lynchings occurred in the United States. Roughly 73%, or 3,446, were black people, and 27%, or 1,297, were white people. Many whites were lynched because they were Republicans who supported their fellow black citizens and opposed the lawless act of lynching. Tuskegee University has the best documentation of lynching. It records an 1892 high of 69 whites and 161 blacks lynched. By the 1940s, occurrences of lynching fell to single digits or disappeared altogether.

At the time of my youth, today’s opportunities for socioeconomic advancement were nonexistent for black people. For all but a few, college attendance was out of the question because of finances and racial discrimination. If you were not admitted to the black colleges of Lincoln University or Cheyney State College, forget about college. I do not know of any student of my 1954 class at Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin High School who attended college. Though the quality of education at Benjamin Franklin is a mere shadow of its past, today roughly 17% of its graduating class has been admitted to college. The true hope for a youngster graduating from high school during the 1950s was a well-paying and steady job. My first well-paying job was as a taxi driver for Yellow Cab Company.

Younger black people today have no idea of and have not experienced the poverty and discrimination of earlier generations. Also, the problems today’s black people face have little or nothing to do with poverty and discrimination. Political hustlers like to blame poverty and racism while ignoring the fact that poverty and racism were much greater yesteryear but there was not nearly the same amount of chaos.

The out-of-wedlock birth rate among blacks in 1940 was about 11%; today, it is 75%. Black female-headed households were just 18% of households in 1950, as opposed to about 68% today. In fact, from 1890 to 1940, the black marriage rate was slightly higher than that of whites. Even during slavery, when marriage was forbidden, most black children lived in biological two-parent families. In New York City, in 1925, 85% of black households were two-parent households. A study of 1880 family structure in Philadelphia shows that three-quarters of black families were two-parent households.

There’s little protest against the horrible and dangerous conditions under which many poor and law-abiding black people must live. It is not uncommon for 50 black people to be shot over a weekend in Chicago — not by policemen but by other black people. About 7,300 black people are murdered each year, and not by white people or racist cops, but mostly by other black people. These numbers almost make our history of victimization by racist lynching look like child’s play.

The solutions to the many problems that black Americans face must come from within our black communities. They will not come from the political arena. Blacks hold high offices and dominate the politics in cities such as Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New Orleans. Yet, these are the very cities with the nation’s worst-performing schools, highest crime rates, high illegitimacy rates, weak family structure and other forms of social pathology.

I am not saying that blacks having political power is the cause of these problems. What I am saying is that the solution to most of the major problems that confront black people will not be found in the political arena or by electing more blacks to high office.

One important step is for black Americans to stop being “useful tools” for the leftist, hate-America agenda. Many black problems are exacerbated by guilt-ridden white people. Often, they accept behavior and standards from black people that they would not begin to accept from white people. In that sense, white liberal guilt is a form of disrespect in their relationships with black Americans. By the same token, black people should stop exploiting the guilt of whites. Let us all keep in mind that history is one of those immutable facts of life.
I'm sure he's been mentioned in this thread already but I'm a fan of Jericho Green! He's pretty funny and just aligned correctly.

I’ve been inspired by this “wave” of conservative black thought on youtube, but it’s also somewhat disapponting that most of these guys are former military and/or had strong fathers growing up. By that I mean, it appears the black conservative voices are still mostly people that were already red pill by upbringing anyhow. Guys like Larry Elder, that former Milwaukee Sherrif, and that black chick that ran for a House seat in Baltimore come to mind. I think Brandon Tatum and Anthony Brian Logan came from liberal/ghetto single mothers but I’m not sure. Both at least used to be typical black ghetto mentality, at least they claim. Not sure about Candance Owens’ background but I read she was an SJW several years ago. Even though YouTube is elevating these voices, it’s still rather depressing to think how many of these black men born to single mothers and ghetto culture will never break out of the ideological jail they are in.
Which is entirely unsurprising to anyone who has been around black communities or in the military.

There’s a reason why They went after black family structures so hard.

I think one exception is Big Herc who is a smart dude that got brutally woken up by his experience in prison combined with an analytical personality that allowed him to see how they control the people in prison.
"Black people until you wake up and realize that you have been weaponized against your own self interests you will always be weak, you will always be a follower and you always seek validation from a group that are lead by your opposition...."

He almost named (((them))) but you can tell he knows
Mexicans aint happy with Centrals coming and taking their "yobs"
I've mentioned on this board in the past that I studied Spanish for a few years and I'll often try to practice it with recent immigrants when I get the chance. I've been doing this almost 30 years. One thing I've noticed over the past five years or so is that the most recent wave of Central American (CA) immigrants are different than previous waves of Mexican and CA immigrants. The more recent ones are not as friendly/sincere and are more emotionally manipulative, or at least try to be. I haven't had a chance to ask an older immigrant yet if there is something to my observation or if it's just my imagination.
And gender.

The cognitive dissonance here is depressing to say the least. I understand the sentiment but the grasp of the realities of the situation at hand is completely at odds with what you guys are actually facing.

The US is run by hostile globalist Jews.
Not just before Trump got elected.
They're running it right now.
They want you dead or at least subjugated.
Your votes mean nothing.
There is no democratic path back to the 1950's.
There is no bloodless path back to traditionalist white domination of DC.

These are facts.

Ergo black/mexican/jew repatriation is not going to happen.
Any claims that empire and military might can be used to fix these demographic issues are nonsensical.
Using the military to your benefit would by definition require a coup against the heavily entrenched ZOG in DC.

From here until revolution/collapse the only option you have is to leave the US entirely or find a white area and use increasingly difficult extra-legal measures to ensure it remains white.

As for "what percentage of non-whites" well that too is a fallacious concept. Under what? A constitutionally limited democracy? Over what time? 300 years? A nation made up of 10% ball busting whites could rule indefinitely over a 90% black population if they didn't get soft (which they always do). The Spartans did something like that for centuries. The percentage of whites is irrelevant. What it always comes down to is to what degree the whites have become pathetic cucks and how much they're willing to suffer before they start busting heads and taking names again.

Better question. What percentage of your wealth can be controlled by Jews before you democracy is toast?

Why come up with bizarre plans to "deal with" 12 percent of your population who many people consider to be victims already when your major problem is the 2% who control the government, the media, finance and virtually every other control lever in your society?

Why do you think the Jews are so desperate to make sure the national spotlight of white discontent remains focused like a laser on blacks?

Jews would love nothing more than for what remains of the white fighting spirit to burn itself out in a futile battle against black America while they giddily watch from the sidelines writing drafts for a trillion essays about the new original sin that will spark white guilt for another two centuries.

I'm going to say it until the sun burns out. Secede. Principally first. Officially later. Christians only. Nobody else. Whatever remains will be more than manageable.
THE ROUND-EYE COALITION. If blacks ever throw off the yoke of being proxy-warriors in the Jewish war against Christianity and White, and join with whites against all the other immigrants, you could call it THE ROUND-EYE COALITION. We both have round eyes. The problem with Orientals, in my experience, is, with their narrow-slit eyes, you can't tell whether they're happy, sad, mad etc. They are generally law-abiding in America, but there's no way to build high social trust with them in a neighborhood because you can't read them.

I'm not saying "kumbaya hold hands" with blacks, and that their social pathologies will suddenly disappear. I'm not even saying have integration. But I am saying that a black, you can at least read his emotions through his eyes. And we have both inhabited this country for hundreds of years. It belongs to American blacks, the descendants of slaves, and whites, more than it belongs to Asians, Hispanics or even African blacks.

Asians have a whole continent to themselves. No reason for them to be over here (except that Jews wanted them here). We could work together with blacks to make this a white/black country with opportunity for both groups, rather than a free-for-all for immigrants to come here and pump money out of America back to their home countries, while they don't learn the language or assimilate in any meaningful way. They're basically here to pick the American carcass clean, the bounty of which came from centuries of hard work by American blacks and whites.