Black people speaking truth about race issues

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I think at this point, the best thing to do here in America is to give blacks a prime piece of American real estate, proportionate to their population numbers, and let them have at it. They can run their own country and have their own police, while governing and educating their own. They won't have to worry about white privilege, about being suppressed minorities, about being on the receiving end of white racism. They can be 100% responsible for themselves.

Pretty sure we all know that would NEVER be allowed to happen.

They have been wrought to be this way, purely as a method of attack against the European descended peoples. The last thing the Money Power will do now is to let us go our separate ways.

Kwame Brown Rips ‘Fake Woke N****s’ Who Support Joe Biden, Says They’re ‘The New Version Of The KKK’​

Kwame Brown unleashed a rant for the ages about “fake woke” black people who voted for President Joe Biden.

The former first overall pick in the NBA draft has been all over the news lately for his videos, and his rant about black Biden voters is truly on a different level.

Brown said the following in part:

You fake woke negros are the worst, man, you all are the worst thing to the black community…You fake woke n****s won’t allow independent thought because I don’t care who you vote for. I ain’t never cuss nobody out for voting for the Democratic party, I ain’t ever called anyone a coon or a disrespectful, none of that. You motherf**kers…the guys who do that, you all are the new version of the KKK. White folks don’t got to do nothing. You all are the new version of the KKK.

You can watch his full comments below. Trust me when I say that the video is worth every single second of your time.

Below is the full video of Kwame Brown's rants.


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