Black people speaking truth about race issues

Someone needs to do Devon Stack styled analysis on the subversion happening to this day.

Example - When we hear about the Greenwood district of Tulsa being burned down they call it the "Black Wall Street". That assumes that Wall street -Jays mostly running scams - is the pinnacle of success. Greenwood was a segregated society in which someone owned the grocery store, and hired people to stock the shelves. Someone picked up the garbage. Wall Street does nothing of value. It's jays pumping and dumping to enrich themselves, with the help of the media. To call Greenwood "Black Wall Street" is subversive in that it cements in people's mind that scamming jews are the pinnacle of success.

Now let's take a look at this meme. Who wrote it? Probably a Jay. It's very subversive in that it says, "According to Kanye and Kyrie they also owned the slave ships." No, it is according to easily accessible records that Kanye and Kyrie read. They put it like this in order to make it seem that to believe that Jews ran the slave ships, you are listening to Kanye. And as such there is no need to do any research. End Kanye, end Kyrie, end the story.