Blackrock, the bailouts, and the financial takeover of the world


Regarding FEDS unique lending facilities for small businesses, it seems blackrock or the banks simply don't have time to give some sheckles to the local guys.

Minimum lending facility for small business is 250K, most small mom and pop businesses will not be looking to take this size of a loan out.

The small business bailout is essentially fake. Its a low % of the total money being loaned, and banks simply aren't participating in it on a functional level.

The minimum loan size at the moment is $250,000, making it too big for a lot of small businesses. Community bankers have urged the Fed to lower the minimum amount to $100,000. Businesses also have to submit a lot more paperwork to get a Main Street loan, more than they did for the popular Paycheck Protection Program.
Matt Valeo called 10 banks this week, because he wanted to apply for a Main Street loan for his small tech company.

Eight banks said they had never heard of the Main Street Lending Program. Two smaller banks said they knew about the program but did not plan to participate.

Valeo’s experience illustrates some of the concerns about the novel $600 billion loan program the Federal Reserve launched Monday to help small and midsize firms. The much-delayed program appears to be off to a tepid start, with lingering questions over whether there will be enough banks participating to make the loans.


It's hard to believe that Trump isn't neck deep in the swamp, when he uses the manufactured COOFID crises to give even more control / power to Blackrock. And what's this, Biden might appoint Fink of Blackrock and US Treasury: In Fink We Trust: BlackRock Is Now ‘Fourth Branch of Government. From the article: "Fink was on the shortlist in 2012 to replace outgoing Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Now he’s widely viewed as a contender for that post in a possible Joe Biden administration. "

And here's something funny and totally coincidental: the address of Blackrock in Isreal is Rothschild Center, Rothschild Blvd 22, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6688218, Israel

But, goy, there's no uni-party. It's the Russians. No, the Chinese! No, no, it's the Blacks!


I don't follow stocks nearly as much as other markets, and I had heard of them before, but I had no idea how gigantic they were and how much power they had until Trump's economic policies that handed the fed over to them. This video does a great job explaining.

Also, their mission is to remove as many white men as possible from executive boards across the globe. So it is more than just how financially powerful they are, they have alternative desires.
Can you explain further regarding your 2nd paragraph?


Can you explain further regarding your 2nd paragraph?
There was a podcast that covered this about a month ago, which is when I first heard about it. One of the primary missions for Blackrock Financial is to ensure the companies they invest in have a "diverse and inclusive" executive board. So basically they can strong arm their clients into hiring/firing whom they deem acceptable.

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Diverse boards mean a selection of non-white and women affirmative action hires who politely do what they're told by the Jew in charge while big-noting themselves as champions overcoming oppression through hard work and taking out their hidden inadequacy complexes on their white male subordinates and European civilization more generally.
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