"Bloodsports" live stream with me, Andy Warski, and Brittany Venti


I've never seen or heard anything Brittany Venti has said before I just turned into this stream. And within one minute I see that she is a complete idiot. Say what you want about Lauren Southern or any of the other heaux, most of them have something reasonably intelligent to say, sincere or otherwise. This bitch is talking like she's ten years old and is talking about how very trad she is while wearing a top to show off her cleavage.


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Oh man.. This Brittany chick doesn't get it, only a few minutes in and she's already straw manning Roosh.
I'm getting the impression she's not all that bright...
Maybe she'll improve though, let's hope so *returns to stream*

The Beast1

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Her voice is so shrill and her statements so annoying that I turned the channel off.

The fact that she has streamers and "fans" only shows me that there isn't any hope for this world or the pussies that pay her.

El Chinito loco

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The problem with andywarski's channel is that he rarely gets good opposition to debate the other side. I think it's not his fault but the fault of the left because there are so few leftists and feminists with the balls or with good arguments. The ones who do show up end up being mindless thots like Brittani Venti who aren't even self aware enough to know they are an unintelligent cock socket.

Most of the time it's just the right and alt right destroying whatever opponents put in front of them.

Sargon of Akkad got owned pretty badly by Spencer on that channel too.


You can't compare tits vs no-tits stream because they are already out of the bag (or shirt) so at any moment during the stream they could come out.

Plus big tits look great in turtlenecks.


Different T said:
Maybe Roosh could ask JF why the guys that pay her can't admit what they are paying for.

I would pay for that. I would pay to see someone that pays her for attention saying: "I'm paying to get her attention and feel not alone for 5 seconds and the snapchat nudes, are nice to jerk off too". At least be honest if you basically chaturbate.