Books you've read over 1000 pages


Has this been translated into English?
For some bizzare reason, a Nobel prize winning author with a previous internationally acclaimed best seller couldn't find an English language publisher to take it up. Strange. It's almost as mysterious as no Hollywood studios wanted to finance a sure fire blockbuster like the Passion.

I'm stumped! :)

My books over 1000:
Count of Monte Cristo
War and Peace
The first was easy it read like a page turner (probably because it was originally serialized, the latter was ... tough...
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Hi. Great topic, I'm very fond of good lengthy books.

The 3 longest books I've finished are Atlas Shrugged, The Count of Monte Cristo, both of which I have re-read, and Anna Karenina. I had started Shogun, but for some reason it wasn't reasonating, so I put it aside a few years back.

Also, this is my first forum post. Hello, all.


War And Peace
In Search Of Lost Time
Walter Isaacson's Biography of Albert Einstein
The Discovery of Orgone by Wilhelm Reich
Seminar on Psychoanalysis by Jacques Lacan

I think there might've been a few others, but I can't remember the titles.


I read all James Clavell's books when I was younger.There were some thick ones. If I remember Shogun, Gai-Jin and Whirlwind, each one of them may have more than 1000 pages.
The Gulag Archipelago by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. Read it over four days in the summer when I was sixteen. That was forty years ago. I think I read for seven hours the first day, couldn't put it down.

Realized that when it happens in the USA it would be a modern Technological Barbarism rather than the primitive one of Solzhenitsyn's time.

Looking back on it, at sixteen, I may not have been ready for that book. After I finished I was profoundly sad at the bottomless depth of stupidity of humans, I had only suspected it before. Completely cured me of any latent teenage nihilistic tendencies.

My first introduction to the Tribe, served to help me start noticing things re: them.