Brainstorming: A Post Covid-19 Five Year Plan

There is a wide range of experiences and perspectives on this forum, but ultimately, everyone here is similar in a few very critical characteristics, which is what draws us to this forum. From my perspective, I feel like despite our many differences, we all want to do the right thing, we recognize the many faults of mankind, and we want to fight to reshape the world into a better place. I feel like we are here because we want to grow our understanding on what exactly The Right Thing is, and by doing this, we can become closer to God.

(Side note: Lucifer tempted Eve to eat from not the Tree of Knowledge, but The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Is the very act of trying to discern what is good and what is evil Luciferian -- what hubris we have as men trying to divine the will of God?)

I wanted to propose a creative exercise. Who are you, where are you in your life, and what is your Five Year Plan? The purpose for this exercise is to hopefully inspire one another, maybe you might share an idea that someone else hasn't considered and they run with it. You never know how much impact the reading of a simple anonymous forum post might have on another man's life. Therefore, I ask for posters to not only share their ideas, but to also critique other's ideas, not to discourage the idea, but to grow it. Remember that how you say something is just as important as what you say, when communicating with other men.

--- Skip over this part, it's me droning on about myself ---

I've deleted and re-written this section several times over. I can't bring myself to talk about myself. But I will share that right now, as a 30-year-old childless man, who feels he is facing down the apocalypse (Hebrew definition: A Great Change -- not the end of mankind, just the end of modern society), my goal is to raise enough funds to buy a home and build an estate. Of course there is a lot of adversity to this goal: an insane housing market, the socialist threats of the post-Covid world, and on and on and on.

Can I ask you -- lets say you were trying to position yourself to buy a house in roughly five years time, but you have many years of work to go before you achieve this goal. How would you do it? Where would you go?

I like South Texas. I have concerns it could be swallowed by the ocean (don't get triggered anti-global warming stans, I don't know in either way if climate change is real or not, but I must consider the possibility). I like Arizona -- a lot. Used to be stationed there. Kansas City, Missouri. I slowly fell in love with St Louis MO, even though it's a dirty dirty city, I grew up as a rat in a gutter, so it feels like home. Georgia -- anywhere but ATL. Let's be real though; Texas is the greatest state in the Union. Fight me, non-Texans.

What about ex-patriating? I've already heard a thousand stories about some of my former colleagues in the military retiring to Thailand (sinning to the nth degree no doubt). When I think about ex-patriating, I think of Governor Jesse Ventura (a Patriot and a Hero with all the flaws of any man). I watched an interview where he talked about The American Sniper, Chris Kyle, who slandered him by claiming Jesse said some cross things about frog-men. Jesse Ventura was in Mexico at the time, completely off-grid, shitting in buckets, no electricity or running water, with nothing but two big ass dogs at his side (guns are illegal for law-abiding citizens in Mexico). He was so off-grid that he didn't know about the slander for many, many months. And he described this period as one of the happiest times of his life.

Escaping Western society, with it's technology and social media, is probably the best thing any man can do for his mental health.

(Side note: Lucifer tempted Eve to eat from not the Tree of Knowledge, but The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Is the very act of trying to discern what is good and what is evil Luciferian -- what hubris we have as men trying to divine the will of God?)

Imagine the very concept of a man discerning what is good and evil. What are his conclusions -- that an act of righteousness is embraced by God and an act of sin is an expression of Satan? So you must think that God and Satan are two different entities, that Satan is external from God. Really? Isn't Satan created by God, just like every single molecule in this universe? How can you say that Good and Evil are discernible traits between God and Satan when God is literally everything and Satan is a trickster demon at best? Maybe God loves murder? Maybe God loves dead soldiers? Please don't take this sacrilegiously, it's a thought I've been struggling with for many years, and I am desperate to hear a constructive response to this concept. It's very Freemason-ry. Lucifer and Jesus Christ are both The Morning Star, yes? The Illuminators? Sorry for rambling -- it's the brain damage.

God bless, and I am so thankful that this community exists.
Within the next 5 years i will build three appartment complexes which will then be sold. That money will be used to build three self-sustainable hempcrete (climate-proof) homes total (1 for each "part" of the family) in a climate-secure location somewhere in europe where enough freedom is still present (maybe switzerland or south of spain). Leave america.

I have my own business in construction so this greatly fascilitates things. All extra money (leftover after building and savings made until that moment) will be invested into another appartment complex for generating income (financial independence), and crypto.

Your god-satan problem cannot be solved from a christian perspective because you have understood the truth: God is in all and All is in God, including "evil" and "satan". Your search for Truth wont be quenched within the confines of christianity. Understand that satan and hell are just fear-tactics to keep people from committing sin. It works better then telling them they have to work hard at developing Virtue and that they have to take ownership and responsibility for their sins due to the law of Karma. Read the bhagavad-gita and The Voice of the Silence to see truth. Research the laws of Karma and reincarnation.

I do not mean to insult christianity or its beliefs but it is my duty to point someone towards the truth when he noticed the shortcomings of the christian belief system. I have the utmost respect for christianity, especially for the wonderfull esoteric exposition of Sermon on the Mount and the 10 commandments. These texts, the Heart of Christianity, are truly remarkable and lead one towards God. In its heart, Christianity is about developing purity (following the 10 commandments and the sermon on the mount) and living life in service to God. It is a true spiritual path. But the simple doctrine of Hell, Satan and Sin are too easy, for they do not take into account the truth about reality.