Build advice: Home security systems (motion sensor activated cam and lights)

I am looking to build a linux-based pc designed for home security.
Does anyone have recommended camera hardware, or a distribution they could suggest and or packages for a better known distribution if there isn't one designed for this function?

I figure I can use IP cameras, but I want something with a minimum of 1080p recording capability (ideally 60fps, but 30 / 24 is okay)
I have the tower built, but haven't loaded a distro yet. I was playing around with an ubuntu build using a few free apps I found but I wasn't able to get it working.
also, my camera is only 720 and I want to upgrade, as well as install 2 (or more) extra cameras for all sides of my home.

My budget is around 500 dollars CAN (so about 400 USD, willing to go higher for quality products)
Any suggestions for distro? I don't think there's a distro designed for security for home end users but I figure I could strip down to a minimum ubuntu and build it from there. I don't need a ui, just remote access.