Bypass Breitbart Disqus Comment Ban


So I made the mistake of making a case for why we should support abortions for single/low income/less than college educated women on breitbart and my comments were I guess flagged and I was banned. I think this is absolutely insane but nonetheless I still want to comment on breitbart. Does anyone know of a way I can bypass the ban?

^ I tried using the above suggestion but I'm still blocked on breitbart. I think I am following the directions carefully so not sure what the problem is.


Already tried that. I think they blocked my IP address. Zen mate is supposed to scramble my IP address but using that has not worked for me.


Rob Banks said:
Every device (computer, smartphone, etc.) has a unique IP address. Try using a different device.

Internally. If you are using the same router, your external IP is typically the same.

One route would be through a VPN or something similar.


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I agree with VPN, you need a different IP.

However that said I'm guessing Breitbart is trying to tone down the inflammatory stuff as they can see a bigger payday staying more mainstream at this point than they did to get famous in the first place.

Having Kellogg abandon you as an advertiser is a loss, few are going to listen to a plea to "boycott corn flakes".