Canada’s Global Reset Plan Leaked in Oct 2020 - has been coming true so far


Lockdown stage zero comes on Canadian Thanksgiving. I think Trudeau will call Martial law. All those unvaccinated will be sent to his Covid internment camp hotels.


Lockdown stage zero comes on Canadian Thanksgiving. I think Trudeau will call Martial law. All those unvaccinated will be sent to his Covid internment camp hotels.

I'm not seeing it, everything seems to happen in steps. I'm not seeing it. I think next step will just be additional pressure on universities, jobs, access to stores. Door to door education campaigns like the one Biden is doing should come.

Also, The Leak itself is off on it's timelines with respect to economic collapse, UBI. Perhaps timelines are being adjusted a little.


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COVID Enforcement Team and Secure Location for COVID Isolation​

The Saskatchewan Health Authority now says it is putting together a COVID Enforcement Team. The group will be made up of mostly retired police officers who have special constable status.

The information was conveyed in the most recent Physicians Town Hall Meeting. Medical Health Officer Dr. Johnmark Opondo says the purpose of the CET is to enforce public health measures, in particular proof of vaccination non-compliance at businesses that are not typically regulated by public health inspectors. They will also be charged with enforcing masking public health measures.

In addition to a COVID Enforcement Team and a on-line form or phone number to report on fellow citizens, the government is also setting up a secure isolation site for those deemed needing to be isolated by a medical health officer.

“Public Health Inspectors and police, once the Medical Health Officer has signed a form for secure isolation, will be involved in assisting and transporting and moving people into the secure isolation site.”

Secure isolation would apply to those who are told they need to isolate due to COVID-19 but refuse to. It is not in any relation to vaccination status.

This site, expected to be ready in the next three weeks, is going to be located at the Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford.

They refer to those sent to the secure isolation site as clients, not detainees. However they will be there under a detention order.

The town hall heard the CET will likely be out in the field in 1-2 weeks.
I keep being reminded of this leaked Canadian document from October 2020 that has by now accurately predicted many of the events we have seen transpire in recent days.

Forgetting about the specific dates in the document for a moment, it seems like this roadmap continues to provide a window into the future and what the elites may have planned.

If true, all of this that we have been living through would seemingly be leading to the rollout of the so-called “World Debt Reset program.”

Envisioning that this indeed is the end goal they have in mind, is there anything that can be done to prepare ourselves or to strengthen our position to weather that version of the storm? One in which we face global economic collapse and are offered the choice between total debt forgiveness / relinquishment of all assets and endless vaccinations, or imprisonment in internment camps?

My first thought would be making plans to reduce and limit consumer and other debt as much as possible to limit risk and exposure. Of course, would be interested to hear other thoughts and ideas as well.




Canadian pro-life and medical freedom protestors could face 10 years in jail under proposed bill​

A new bill proposed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government could have pro-life and medical freedom protesters thrown in jail for 10 years under Criminal Code amendments.

The Liberal government under Trudeau has introduced three bills since the federal election in September. One of those bills is Bill C-3, which intends to amend the Criminal Code of Canada.

The bill reads:

This enactment amends the Criminal Code to, among other things,

(a) create an offence of intimidating a person in order to impede them from obtaining health services, intimidating a health professional in order to impede them in the performance of their duties or intimidating a person who assists a health professional in order to impede the person in providing that assistance;

(b) create an offence of obstructing or interfering with a person’s lawful access to a place at which health services are provided, subject to a defence of attending at the place for the purpose only of obtaining or communicating information; and

(c) add the commission of an offence against a person who was providing health services and the commission of an offence that had the effect of impeding another person from obtaining health services as aggravating sentencing factors for any offence.

Included in the bill is the proposal that “every person who commits an offence” under the amended Criminal Code “is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years.”

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Since everything can be an "offense" they can use this term to penalize the dissidents whenever they want. Not nice.