Cancelling the nation of Russia


Anyone think this could mean war?

I was speaking with a friend who's sons are in the Marines. One son maintains F-18s. He's been recently sent to a small airstrip in Poland. They have been modifying the airstrip to a Marine ready airbase.
America always goes to war with nations that:
A) The US puts sanctions on
B) That adopts a real hard currency
C) That the US signs a lend-lease bill to said nation's opponents.

All 3 conditions are met by Russia, so yes America will go to war with Russia, because America has already declared itself a co-beligerent in the conflict, and will sacrifice all of Western Europe to destroy the Russian people, shatter the heartland into at least 5 parts, and spin off all the autonomous regions into puppet states.

At least that is their goal based on the wargames at Rand Corporation, Stratfor and my alma mater. The US has been planning a war with Russia since February 2007.

No nation in human history has been at war in wars of agression as much as America on an annualized basis, not even the Mongols.