Cancelling the nation of Russia


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So as long as you don't speak out against the Satanic Jewish Ukrainian government, you can be reinstated into your sport.

"Stay silent and have no dissent against evil and you'll be allowed to earn a living" - is the message.

Sometimes it is best not to resist evil. There is nothing these Athletes can do, and their oppressive behavior says a lot more about them than it does about Russia or Belarus.


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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has relabeled the artists Ivan Aivazovsky, Arkhyp Kuindzhi, and Ilya Repin as "Ukrainian." This actually got picked up by the Russian press and has been met with some irritation but also amusement since Aivazovsky was Armenian and Kuindzhi Pontic Greek.

The Russians actually named Crimea's airport after Aivazovsky but the Ukrainians insist on using the name of a Crimean Tatar pilot, so it really makes you wonder why they're going out of their way to claim the heritage of those they don't really pay much deference to (whereas the three artists are all on RT's Prominent Russians page). Childish behavior.



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Humiliating low-key welcome for German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in India, looks like the guy who greeted her was a local minion bureacrat :laugh:

The only reason she went to India is to lecture them on how they should be good Pajeets and boycott Russia, the kind of welcome she got here sets the tone...