Cardinal Robert Sarah... potential Pope?


He's one of the few in the Catholic Church hierarchy that is making any sense these days.
“The Church has messages for this world, but only because she has the keys to the other world.” With these words, Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, underscored the Church’s mistaken bid to appear necessary to the world on the world’s terms.

According to Cardinal Sarah (read his full remarks below), the COVID-19 crisis has revealed both the world’s incapacity to come to terms with the scandal of death and the Church’s failure to bring to it the only possible answer and consolation that it alone can provide: the promise of eternal life.

Cardinal Sarah, born in French Guinea in 1945 to Christian parents who had converted from animism, has repeatedly deplored the developed West’s rejection of traditional values such as respect for life, for the family, and for the elderly.

In several best-selling books, Cardinal Sarah has also pleaded over recent years for the Church to return to its spiritual fundamentals, to “silence” in order to be more open to God, and to a Christ-centered liturgy.

His take on the coronavirus epidemic is that the Church now has the chance and the opportunity to return to “essentials” and to bring a world that has counted too much on the “security” of technology to understand that only she can provide answers to its newfound doubts.


"She has been right to support ecology, peace, dialogue, solidarity, and the equitable distribution of wealth. All these struggles are just. But they could make us forget the words of Jesus: ‘My kingdom is not of this world,’”"

He seems favorably by the book, literally.


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What makes you think he could become Pope? Is Bergolio on the way out? Nah, he will serve Satan for years to come and when time does come to replace him who will be elected? Another servant of Satan. If they chose Bergolio they will choose another just like him. It pains me to say it but I'm not going to lie to myself, the Catholic church is basically gone.


The college of cardinals is stacked with modernists. They've also instituted a rule where no one over 75 years of age (?) votes, so many of the more traditional older Cardinals brought in under Pope JP2, B16 can no longer vote. At this point Divine Intervention and Guidance would be needed to bring in someone like Cardinal Sarah. Cardinals are handpicked based on the current pontiffs preferences, so right now Trad Cardinals are in the minority.

Still I'd be happy with Based Black Pope.

African Bishops have pushed back on a lot of topics, helping to keep the Church from going too far.

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It does look bleak, but Catholics are not gone. Many are still devout and haven't let the hierarchy corrupt their faith. I've yet to meet a Catholic who says they like the Pope.
Depends which Pope though. Benedict 16 still retains the title of Pope (emeritus), and is much loved. He also occasionally writes about, and denounces, the gay mafia infiltrating parts of the Vatican, the very mafia that strong-armed him into "retirement".
I think I'll make my first post here.
I'm cradle Catholic, and have strayed away from the faith in the past (girl related).
As a Catholic I have to fully trust in Jesus's words that "the gates of hell will not prevail"
Doesn't mean that the church will not suffer evil, but it will always be here.
I'm never been huge on popes, in my short life of 30 years I've been through 3 popes. P JPII, P. Benedict, and P Francis. I am not a fan of P. Francis, I don't hate him, and he should be prayed for, it's true the Catholic Church is compromised, but i won't let that deter my faith. But before the end times, Christianity will be in utter shambles, count on that.
We must remain faithful and strong.


It does look bleak, but Catholics are not gone. Many are still devout and haven't let the hierarchy corrupt their faith. I've yet to meet a Catholic who says they like the Pope.
Hello nice to meet you. I like the pope.
As for things looking bleak, one has to realize that there have been countless times when things looked bleak in the history of the Church; this beginning in the first century, when the apostle betrayed the master.

The Church is a divine institution, but there were, are, and always will be liars, hypocrites, thieves, adulterers, murderers, perverts, traitors and all sorts of scoundrels among both the laity and the clergy, beginning with Judas, who was a liar, a thief, and a traitor. Jesus Christ Himself spoke about how there will always be weeds among the wheat, and how scandals are always bound to come.

The one to look out for is the spirit of division, who divides and conquers through lies and half truths and pitting members of the Church against one another and drawing them to fight and destroy themselves through slander and un-forgiveness. Thus we see the history of division in the Church which continues to this day splintering members.

But despite the scoundrels there will always be those in the Church who are striving for holiness and being sanctified by the Lord; thus the Church moves forward through history always teaching infallible truth. But the devil being the father of lies and half truths, he operates in the minds of the people, and we see his tactics at work when we study the way he tempted a Christ in the desert, where Satan himself quoted the Sacred Scriptures to Jesus Christ. Likewise people, even well intentioned Christians, become agents against the Church by misinterpreting the Scriptures and the teachings of the Church to attack the Church itself.

Thus Protestants misinterpret the Sacred Scriptures and cause division in doctrines among the flock. Just like “traditionalist“ individuals misinterpret the documents of Vatican II and cause division among the flock. Today in the age of mass media and misinformation flow, the 24-7 barrage of misinformation spreads false narratives, misinterpreting the words of the pope and causing division among the flock.

Pope Francis is simply echoing the gospel and reminding the Church that gospel is not merely about doing religious things and attending beautiful liturgies, but about transformation of heart and love of God and neighbor As described in Matt. 25. But the mass media is an expert at pitching narratives.

One big fat problem in the mass media, which now includes the Internet and anyone with a YouTube channel, is that the information flow is like one giant global massive game of Chinese telephone, and by the time the instant news of what some public figure said reaches the general viewing audience, words and intentions have been distorted, packaged and narrativized through the minds, biases and intentions of people writing or reacting to sensational headlines.

This is followed by the viewing audience reacting to sensational headlines which pit one group against another, leading to different camps who then argue for or against the person who’s the subject of the sensational headlines. In the end it produces a barrage of praise and solidarity or hate and opposition for the person, leading to division and both sides slandering each other. It’s a master stroke of the spirit of division which has operated this way throughout salvation history, and we see the same tactics in the Marxist dialectic with their method of dividing groups against one another in order to spark rebellion.
Cardinal Sarah is a good choice for Pope, but I would much rather see Archbishop Vigano become so. Not sure if that is entirely possible given his age, but he has been a revelation for the church in this current liberal pontificate. If not him, Bishop Athanasius Schneider (who is only 59) would be an amazing pope as well. Both these men have called out the the pontificate and have advocated for the return to the traditional faith that we have had for centuries, as well as other things. However, given how the Vatican operates in electing popes, I'm not sure if this is entirely possible.

In response to Mountaineer, the Church is not "gone". Yes, the Vatican may be completly astray and wicked right now (having been caught participating in black masses and gay orgies), but we have faced more perilous times than these. And yet, through it all, as our Lord promised us, "the gates of hell shall not prevail". And prevail, they will not. I see so many people losing hope and faith these days (not calling you out just something of a trend i've noticed) but these are saint-making times. We need to hold fast to the faith and sacraments. Our Lord and our Lady shall see the faithful out of these dark and trying times. Ad deum.
Yes that is what I'm holding on to, the Faith.
There is also the matter of the Prophecy of St Malachy. Of course it is a private revelation, and does not add to the deposit of faith left by Jesus Christ. It's unfortunate that the Catholic Church is constantly attacked, seemingly more so than any other institution, of course it is a hospital for sinners. My faith won't be necessary shaken, I hope. But there is many catholic poorly catechised, and unfortunately they will be confused or led astray by all the media nonsense.