Cardinal Rule for Success with Women


Once you have your woman, look at the Psalms 31 woman. Look at how she is industrious and contributes to the household economy. Then identify your woman's skills and abilities and make full use of them. Expect things of her. Praise her accomplishments. Don't treat her as someone you have to take care of but treat her as an asset.

She is there to support your mission and ministry. This is why women love a man who has a mission, because she gets to support something bigger than herself.
If you get right with God, your life will change, and it has been my experience that doors will start opening up, but you must knock on the doors, not sit on your azz and expect someone will come drop something in your lap.

So many young people today have been shielded from facing obstacles and adversities early in life, mainly due to bubble wrapping and hovering parents who will not allow their precious kid to struggle or occasionally fail.
Yes indeed. Whoever finds a wife (by seeking) finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord. And God didn't say the search would be easy.
Sorry have to disagree with the heading of the topic "Cardinal Rule for Success with Women". It is a failure if you are "successful" with "women". In order to be successful you need to find and keep just one women for physical, emotional and spiritual union for the rest of your life. The moment you hop on to another women, it is not success anymore.
I like what you say. As a married man, the only woman I want to be successful with is my wife, just one woman, and that takes a full commitment to accomplish. But if looking to sleep around is someone's idea of success, so be it, but I agree with you, that isn't success.
When women see themselves as a helpmeet, they tolerate some neediness, because they know it is their job to help the man shore up his life. But even they have their limits.
Right, she won't likely want to pamper her husband. As a married man, I had three ways I could think of I needed help from my future wife at the time-Sex, Companionship, Touch. That was it. I have discovered she is great at gadgets and I would be a mess without her help with phones, computers, any gadget. She is also smarter than I am!
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One thing I've learned over the years, and painfully so, is women just can't stand a needy guy. A needy guy is the universal turnoff, no matter how compassionate or understanding a woman may be. There were times when I was younger and less experienced when a girl really liked me. But as soon as I started to get interested in her, I'd start wondering if she was The One. Then I'd start getting desperate and worried I'd screw up and let her slip away. I swear, women can smell desperation from a mile away and there's no better way to cause a woman to lose interest than that. And the funny thing is, as soon as I'd lose interest in a particular girl, she'd start throwing herself at me again.
Well then, maybe that's why I struggled when I was single, I certainly admit to being desperate. I don't know if it was obvious or they had heard about me but getting dates was not easy, at least with someone I was interested in. Couldn't even get to first base to learn anything though.


Mt. 19:29:
every one that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold [Mk. 10:30: "now in this time": in the present world, too], and shall possess life everlasting.
Cornelius à Lapide, S.J., commentates:
it shall not seem that he has lost his own possessions, but has only laid them down, and in Christ's providence has multiplied them with great usury. For spiritual affections are sweeter than natural ones. […] For one sister [forsaken], very many maidens will chastely love him, and attend to his wants like a brother. […] For one mother, very many matrons will supply his necessities with maternal care. For one wife, a hundred wives of others, united to him in chaste spiritual bonds will be ready by means of themselves and others to care for him in sickness, and attend to his wants just as lovingly as though they were his own wives.