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It looks like something James Bond would ride. I like it. The price would be like 80k, cheaper than a GTR.

More than likely the car will end up looking like:


...which is a bit disappointing because it looks like a 2 door Mazda 6 on steroids.


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Always had a soft spot for the performance model of the Beemer Z3, the M Roadster. Never had one, it just looked gristlier than Z3, and more classic than the Z4.

Kind of a beefy boy.

From Jalopnik:

The Z3 M Roadster is the luxury step-up the Miata never had. It's a few hundred pounds heavier, but it carries nearly 100 more horsepower (twice that for the '01-'02 models), has a power-operated soft top, and doesn't look like you just got fired from your 15-year accounting gig and had to downsize during your mid-life crisis. It has nearly 50/50 weight distribution, a subtle-yet-refined exhaust note, and more driver feedback than a 10-car pileup. It's also pretty not-bad at avoiding cones.




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I prefer Ford cars. I have been supporting this brand of cars since 2005. Of course, and went on almost all models of Ford focus of each year. Actively researching news about new models of 2019-2020
I've always been a fan of Pontiac Firebirds for some reason. I have always liked the classic muscle cars, but when I started thinking about which one I might buy, the more popular ones were super expensive. So I started looking at your not so popular ones. Your Buicks, your AMGs, and your Pontiacs. So I've settled one the 68-69 Firebird as my classic car of choice.

For the more modern daily driver, I like pickups and pickups.