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My laptop was in the shop for 10 days (I ended up having to buy a new one) so my internet all came from Youtube videos on my Xbox during that time. I think I watched every C7 Corvette review made.... an every single one had nothing but praise for the car

The C7 Z51 beat the R8 V10 & $400k F12 around Laguna seca.
for $55,000, that can't be beat



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Well since the pandemic kept me stuck in South America... I have had plenty of time to think about my next steps an even came up with creative ways to handle some of the business I had planned on going back to Murica to take care of. From about December to Marchish my plan was to go back to the states an work on my business an buy a Grand Sport C7 Corvette (white with red interior) I actually put a deposit on one from down here but once the travel plans fell through I canceled the deposit. Funny sidenote: after a month of emailing trying to get my deposit back they told me they couldn't find the paperwork an for me to take it up with my credit card company, I wrote out a post explaining the situation an spammed their Facebook pages with my story.... a few hours later I got my deposit back and a apology (not a big fan of this type of behavior but really they left me no choice) Now I think my plan is to just set up shop down here in Central America so the plans for the C7 Corvette are pretty much out the window

An in comes the 2020 Ford Bronco, my friend sent me a message on whatsapp a few weeks ago asking what I thought about the new bronco, I hadn't looked into them at that point an just responded with "I'd lead the cops on a slow speed pursuit after killing my white in a white one"
A few days ago I saw a thumbnail for the new Bronco on YouTube an texted the same friend and asked him if they came in a manual transmission an he said "only in the model with the smaller engine with a turbo" An that was that... I started looking more into them an they seem super promising. I have a fetish for turbo cars, usually sporty japanese ones. The sound of a turbo spooling an the WHOOSH from the blow off valve when you let off the throttle really wets my whistle. After my first turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse in my youth I was hooked. Even then I said no matter what point of my life I am in I will never own a car without a turbo, even if I have to add a turbo kit to whatever car I owned. Aside from my admiration for turbos, this new Bronco has a lot of upside to it. Also if I am going to live in South America the slammed JDM cars I am into are not super practical in South or Central America. But a beasty lifted up white Bronco with the doors and top off really fits the bill! More than likely I will end up waiting a year or two before purchasing one down here to make sure I am settled an this is where I want to be.... but for now I have a new Eleanor to look forward to acquiring one day.


The sound of a turbo spooling followed by the whoosh :love:


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1988 Ford Crown Victoria LTD.

I want to buy one so badly, but I'll end up sticking with my 2012 Kia Sportage 2.4L.

Still waiting on moving next year to buy some land so I can have more than one car easily. :)


I still prefer the 80s Broncos and such. Call it silly, but modern cars just all look like hell to me. The Tesla is okay and the Dodge Challenger looks nice. Mini Coopers are kinda fun, too. Other than that I've not seen one I really like. Any old dorkmobile from the 80s has a more distinctive style than any car from the modern era in my view (granted I don't know that much about cars, there are probably a few I'm missing, but generally speaking). I'm looking for a pickup or low-key SUV and the 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler seems to be the newest one that has what I would call a good shape to it. Any recommendations for newer vehicles for someone like me (things that kinda look like 80s Jeeps/Bronco/Dodge Ram, or 70s/80s Firebirds, or whatever).


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I still prefer the 80s Broncos and such.
I think there is a market being missed, because manufacturers make so much on the add-on packages which get rolled into financing. I remember as a kid when you could buy basic stripped models without a radio, etc. People would like a simple rugged basic vehicle like that (80’s Toyota Pickup, etc.). Especially with what looks to be Mad Max days around the corner... o_O


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Yeah that vintage olive/avocado green is awesome, most original colors looked great, like that orange 911 there in that bubble on the left...

You see a lot of vintage muscle cars with horrible custom ghetto paint jobs like a bowling ball metallic turquoise or matte black, and let's not mention the custom rims on those.

The new Bronco looks like a home run, they've done a great job drawing on the original 1960s/70s model while still being modern, whoever was in charge of that project at Ford should get the handicapped parking spot at headquarters.


I love my cars, and my tastes vary a lot. My preference is for large sedans, land yachts, yank tanks, and large Aussie cars, though I am getting keener on "kei cars" for zipping around town. As long as it has wheels and an engine, I'll drive it. Cars are a symbol for the human desire for freedom and mobility.

1989 Lincoln Town Car


1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 3


2005 Ford Falcon XR6


2020 Suzuki Hustler

The Resilient

Honestly ? An extremely underrated car....the Ford Taurus SHO
Sporty,business,and aggressive.Also, still a very safe family car.

I just absolutely love my SHO. TONS OF OPTIONS OPTIONS OPTIONS , but for a fraction of the price of an Audi or a Benz. MY next vehicle is going to be a Lincoln MKZ with the twin Turbo package since Taurus's are done.

I really don't like the whole craze with these Hybrid SUV crossover gay things that every faggot drives. I'm a Ford CAR Guy...and Lincoln is an offshoot of Ford, so I'm gonna buy one ASAP.

My current SHO and Ford Pickup are good and all, but Lord willing we still have a republic, I'm gonna get an MKZ.
The MKZ twin turbo is the classier cousin of the SHO

I dont know, but ever since i bought my first Taurus in High school which was a hand me down piece of garbage, they've been in a soft spot in my heart for years. I love my Ford Taurus.

I had a '92 SHO that i got 13 tickets in a year and thankfully my grandfather knew the judge at his 11 of them absolved and i had to do traffic drivers defensive training twice ... Needless to say i got rid of that car within a year cuz it was causing me trouble