CDC: Face masks no longer required for the vaccinated


On the road, in Wyoming, stopped at National Forest station (not National Park) in a very small conservative town to ask directions - was asked to put on slave muzzle. In Wyoming! They had taken over everywhere. Gave them a lecture about satanic order abd slavery before leaving, by their eyes could tell they agreed with me, at least. But they are afraid to lose their jobs. They dont understand they will have everything taken away eventually, once they gave up their freedom.

Seen hardly any muzzles in Wyoming in general but in nearby Idaho there weee quite a few muzzles worn voluntarily in cities (indoors). These are most likely transplants from California.


Oregon just enacted OUTDOOR muzzle mandate, including for the vaxxed!
Glad I high tailed out of there days after indoor mandate went in effect earlier in August (after intense mask confrontation/near-fight)
These tyrants are getting more and more insane...

I posted this in another thread, National Forest offices (not just National Parks) require muzzles, seen this even in remote, conservative, small-town area in Wyoming - instead, I told them what I thought about slavery/overtaking by satanic order, and they definitely knew that I was saying the truth, based on their eye expression behind the muzzles, but they're afraid to lose their government jobs so they'll enforce whatever, concentration camps included. Now they're mandated to get vaxxed (though I think they are also allowed to do frequent testing), as federal employees.

The reason Biden mandated vaxx for federal employees (and the army) to make them enemies of regular people resisting this abuse: once these feds are vaxxed, they're marked and tainted, and it'll be psychologically easier for them to enforce illegal orders.
So I talked to a local in a very small remote town Wyoming....they said no one wore masks in stores there at any time much/stores never required them, but various government offices require them. They're not optimistic as federal government has a lot of power and think it'll find ways put various the mandate through, but in general I think people are passive and will take whatever injected mark.
If tomorrow millions are hauled off to concentration camps to be gassed off, no one here will say or do anything.
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The only place I wear a mask is at work and we’ve had masks since May 2020. Since day one, I’ve tried to wear it under my nose as much as possible. At first, they had safety people going around threatening write ups. For a few months, I was the only one flirting with disaster, but never wrote up.

When the mask nazis come around, I have a good way to cover my nose without being obvious. I tuck my chin down to force my mask just high enough up over my nose. Then at the same time, I hold it in place by doing the duck lips selfie pose (since no one can see my face). That got me through the initial “Karen HR mask police” phase for a few months.

After a year and close to 75% of the people in my area vaccinated, almost everyone had their mask below their nose. For the last couple months, I had also switched my blue medical mask inside out, so the white part faces out. I got a few comments like “you’re wearing your mask wrong.” I’d respond, “I haven’t been wearing it right the whole time now you’re worried about it being inside out?” (Still haven’t been sick or quarantined).

After the CDC mask update (thread topic). My coworkers were like, “when do you think we’ll get rid of the masks?”
I told them they won’t. They don't want to be the bad guy and tell us we’re going to need to wear them again. Then they’re like, “you really think we’re going to need them again?” I was like “Yup, they’re not done with this yet.” The vaccinated are really pissed off about masks. That’s the reason most of them got the shot. So they could get rid of masks. :squintlol:

Then just yesterday they cracked down on everyone for not wearing their masks correctly. It was a soul crushing blow for some reason. Now everyone is grumbling, “you think they’ll make the vaccine mandatory?” I’m hoping with manpower issues they have no choice. They can’t keep people as is, let alone afford to lose more. Who knows though? They’re a big woke globohomo company.