Cernovich NYC event aftermath - attendee attacked


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Gmac said:
Mike was a long-time contributor here who more than earned his keep and the respect of the bulk of the senior members here, including mine. Like him and his methods or not, he's added a lot of value to this community and to others in his career beyond. I personally know a number of men here who have benefited from his old game & fitness/health contributions and legal advice.

At the end of the day it really makes no difference what anyone thinks - so if you don't have anything nice to say, my advice is to not say it. I've been fortunate to have known Mike on and off the forum for years and to have worked with him in the real world. On a personal and professional level, he's legit and an extremely driven and motivated guy and will continue to "do himself, his way." I think some of you may need to just get over it, he's not going away anytime soon.

That's good advice. Perhaps Mike should have followed it before thrashing Paul Nehlen and Kevin MacDonald.

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Teep has been banned. He was a liberal troll.

So he wasn't a an alt right Richard Spencer fan? That was a strange form of trolling. I don't get what he was trying to do.

If you really want to know what he was doing, see my post at the very beginning of this page.

Déjà vu.

It's an inside joke that explains nothing to anyone who isn't in on it.

Edit for anyone interested: There's a theory that hydrogonian, a forum member run off the forum by AnonymousBosch, runs several alternate accounts with nautical themes. He'll switch to a new one when he gets called out on it.


Attacker court date - 16 Sept 2019

Looks like the Antifa asshat who was arrested for assaulting that 56 year old attendee outside of Night for Freedom will get his day in court on Monday, September 16th.


He's got an attorney from the Neighborhood Defender Service, which means public defender. Not sure how much time he spent in custody awaiting trial but if he's using the public defender service he's not rich, which could be good, meaning he can't buy his way out of this. Depends though, all of the attorneys listed in the NY state court system, practicing in NYC with the same first initial and last name as his lawyer are experienced, from top schools at well known firms. Could be that one of them volunteered to take the case pro bono by way of the NDS program.

Even with good representation, he faces up to 15 years for felony gang assault and, stupidly, assaulting the cops. I'm still skeptical given the political leanings of everyone involved (except for the cops).


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I'd be shocked if he got away with assaulting cops, even in a liberal shithole like NYC. If he was Black he'd have a good chance to get away with it in the current NYC political climate, but "David Campbell" isn't going to be earning sympathy votes.

Amazing the public defender was willing to sue it all the way up to the Supreme Court. Surely this guy was getting paid somewhat to do this, most public defenders will not put that kind of effort in for their clients.

I know AntiFA has organizations dedicated to helping defray court costs, so perhaps that is how?


UPDATE - Antifag gets one year.

Score one for the good guys. No wonder we hadn't seen this published - Antifa loses an SJW to the penitentiary. About damn time.

Samseau, you were right - they didn't let that one go. Assaulting cops results in jail time, even in NYC. Not sure if he was a first offender, but by the looks of things, he's cooling his heels for a year. Hope it was worth it to him.

EMTC is also known as Rikers Island. Maybe he can con what little there is of the Aryan Brotherhood into protecting him - for a price. Heh.

If I were the 56 year old guy he assaulted I'd be looking at a civil suit once he's done dropping the soap in prison.


6-1 and 175 pounds?

This Dude’s gonna get his cheeks busted.
And his wig split!
Welp, been a while since I checked this thread, but just got reminded of it while reading Andy Ngo's book, Unmasked (highly recommended, BTW). He profiled a number of Antifa criminals the media barely covered, one of which was this guy, David Campbell.

Turns out he was released in October, on schedule. Unlike a lot of other inmates at Riker's he wasn't let go for Wuhan virus concerns, but was moved around a bit to different facilities.

Antifa ran a support network for him while he was inside. Web site is still up. And yeah, if those pics are any indicator he probably did get his cheeks busted.