CHAZ - Capital Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle

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Someone noted that when they tried to build their little farming venture that there was probably at least one highly qualified citizen of CHAZ who could have given them excellent instructions but he was doubtless cucked by the most obnoxious SJW on hand who then proceeded to attempt to enforce their political mandates on reality itself with laughable results.

I don't doubt the same thing happened with their little art project. There would have been at least a couple of budding engineers amongst them but they would have been disqualified from giving advice precisely because they were in any way, shape or form competent.

This is the reality of satanic inversion. Every day is opposite day and to prove you are more capable than someone else is to disqualify yourself by demonstrating presumed privilege. The lowest moron must be elevated to the highest position of authority because to do anything else is to court the commonsense norms that "oppressive" society itself was founded on.

If in doubt go watch a video of the DA in Atlanta.

On the upside, well meaning and talented individuals not yet inescapably trapped inside that hell will quickly become disenfranchised with this inverted commune and see that it has no future. They will leave in order of their capability as human beings.

Leonard D Neubache

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Apparently there's been a shooting in the CHAZ and someone is dead.

Police are also apparently on scene. Evidently the autonomous zone is open to gracefully allowing foreign national detectives to aid them in their investigations.

Just kidding. There was a level 99 tantrum in the treehouse and the "no adults allowed" sign had to be temporarily ignored while things got sorted out by mum and dad.


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I know we are all having a laugh at them here... but there is one thing I'm sure we can all relate with.

I think CHAZ is another manifestation of the desperate situation many people find themselves in, in regards to their quality of life, future opportunities in both relationships, family, home ownership, career and wealth.

Where we differ is in our solutions.

They believe all the leftist hate crap that what we really need is less racism, less white people, less capitalism, more trannies, etc.

Whereas we believe in a return to nature.
Steve Bannon has made this point: that many millennials don’t own anything and thus don’t have a stake in the system. They are kind like Russian serfs but with college degrees (of questionable value) and the internet.

The system has mostly catered to boomers, propping up their housing and portfolios...I know we’ve discussed the concept of generational theft in previous threads, with regard to government spending and debt.


Has anyone suggested that maybe they just need a helping hand? I realize it sounds like a nightmare place, but why not stroll the National Guard in there tell um,"Hey were shutting this down, but you can join up in the military or go to jail, choice is yours." - While the people causing crime obviously should be prosecuted and put in jail I would just take a wild guess and say that I'm sure a good portion of these people are mentally handicap or just destitute. I'm talking about maybe a minority of the people in there. My whole point is there's not many ways you can resolve something like this, you either roll in there and throw everyone who resists in jail or you 'plea bargain' and ship them off to boot camp. I know it sounds almost like an old timers boomer advice (which I'm not), but realistically breakdown the logic why these people end up here. It's because the vast majority I'm sure have broken families and homes and realistically going no where.

No one is perfect and by no means do I want to sit here and make excuses for criminals and terrorists, but I'm talking about the 'hippie' 'invalids' and people who are just part of the brainwashed cult. There is a larger problem at play here which is the younger generation is insanely aimless. I don't mean propose signing them up in the military for them alone, but also just lower income neighborhoods. Military recruitment efforts are already isolated in poorer communities but legitimately some of these people just look like your regular brainwashed young kid who doesn't have a plan and will follow anyone. It's tough to say how many people in that area are even 'normal', I mean I'm tryin' to be charitable here ok, but you gotta ask yourself what the heck are you even doing out there in the first place? So, I mean we definitely make are own problems, that much is certain, but the fact remains you got kind of a problem goin' that is an opportunity to actually maybe clean up some of the mess, maybe actually help a few people along the way, and maybe get some decent optics in the process. I mean everyone on here talkin' about this place jsut doesn't care and wants it to burn and will let it go to the dog's. People make their own problems, you are held responsible for those problems, thats not something any of these people learned growing, obviously, but it's a reoccurring theme in many places in the U.S. which needs an actual solution at some point.

Maybe it's a bad idea, but I wouldn't mind being somewhat 'charitable' to the small number of somewhat decent people in these crowds and offering them an 'out'. Even if it's only from an 'optics' standpoint. I mean there's plenty of people who need a job ok, the National Guard is definitely hiring. I'm not a recruiter, but just saying, the military while not what it use to be, obviously is still a stepping stone of sorts which if you want any sort of recovering from any of this you need to start doing something and being a bit creative here. The criminals have sealed their fate for the time being they get jail time obviously, thats just how it works, and so by no means do I want to come off like these people deserve a pass, most of them seem like they don't, but who am I? I'm not anyone. I'm not in that area, I don't really know what's actually going on down there, I'm simply an observer like everyone else, but I see no problem with extending a small olive branch in a charitable way to those sensible enough to take it even if only just to end the situation. I mean, we dont need to be charitable at all, realistically you could shut that down in half an hour if they wanted to, it'd be easy, I'm simply wondering why let the show go on if only for the media madness. I mean, if anyone had any honor or respect for other humans, even though yeah a lot of these people kind of forfeited their human card, I still think these people need help. I mean it's just an idea and starting point for maybe something potentially real, rather than all this fake garbage we're constantly fed. By no means am I in the virtue signal club, but the evil is everywhere, and so out of hand, National Guard needs to just roll in and give them an ultimatum to join up or go to jail, cuse there's no realistic good choice here which has any humanity left other than just throwing them all in jail.

The vast majority wouldn't take the offer, but I think it would be good military optics. In reality we need a solution to inner city crime and poverty and the military has historically been a decent 'out' for many poorer people. Again, I realize it's not what it's use to be, but I don't see anyone doing anything productive about this so thats my two cents. It doesn't go just for this place by the way, it goes for every inner city area, or anyone for that matter. I'm always going to be in favor of a large military over just filling up prisons, or maybe put these people to work actually rebuilding infrastructure or something, does no one have any vision, what gives?

If they committed a crime by all means they get locked up, end of story, that's not even a discussion, but the underlying problem is these people are aimless as it gets and it's a common theme right now and so it seems like as good a time as any to bulk up the military and try to recover any semblance of normalcy. Just an idea, not something I'm married too, and not something I'm even fond of saying, but everyone on the 'Left' is so brainwashed it's impossible it seems to get through to them, and I also find it to be a bit more honorable to redeem the lost souls here who haven't done anything but are just mindless drones. Maybe it's a fools errand but thought I'd throw the idea out there, mostly for other cities, not so much for this situation.

Realistically it's worth mentioning how blown out of proportion all of this is of course. In such a large country with so many other underlying problems the amount of attention certain things get obviously point sot the media's complete lack of what a real story is and simply points to more of their vast agenda narrative, by 'media' I mean all major news networks, no one gets a pass, they all in it together, brainwashing factories. What are these people even doing other than towing the line? Like I try to rationalize or realistically see how someone could work at say a CNN or FOX, namely the people that aren't in front of the camera, but are they also just towing the line and being the lap dog for whatever brainbox nonsense they want to pull out of the jar of ideas also? Like, I want to give the random Tom, Dicky, or Harry in this stupid city the benefit of the doubt, just like I want to give the 'journalist' at CNN the benefit of the doubt (the ones behind the scenes at least) the ones in front of the cameras know what they're doing, generally. I don't like the idea of just enforcing martial law and locking them all up, but I'm trying to be somewhat sympathic here.

Part of the main problem also is there's no vision for this country. The 'cake is baked' as they say ok, you gotta work with whats in front of us and I don't mind some decent ideas to fix this trash but I'm not hearing' any ideas, like where the idea people at? The news needs a channel devoted entirely to solving the media bias, thats what it needs, just a 'nonpartisan' news network not owned by anyone with only people Roosh hires to run it, then we'll be set right. Sigh, it's all such a joke.
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Trump, bring back the Homestead Act of 1862*

On a side note of sorts, while still relevant, a main problem is society isn't really all that 'free' in a lot of ways if you think about it, it is and it isn't depending on which case you're going to make, but feel pretty restrictive, even for people who live way below there means still have to play the consumer culture 'game' to an extent. Trump should bring back the Homestead Act of 1862. Make land free again. Let us just go and do what we want. Goodluck luck getting that passed right?

I'm not libertarian at all in the slightest, but yeah that's the real wild west. How many people would actually go out into Alaska and take that free land I wonder? Hmm....raises some interesting questions. Maybe only a handful of people in this place would, but realistically it's not that difficult and though you have to have some knowledge, its not nearly as difficult as people would have you believe. Its not like there's Indians out there ready to kill you in your sleep anymore, so in reality it's 1,000x easier than 150 years ago, maybe 10,000x easier. People don't leave their city because, well, their lazy, but alot of it boils down to family I believe. Indirectly I think many people are tied to family in such a way to where the idea of moving to the other side of the world seems unnatural, and it kind of can be, or could be. But if I had to give it a reason I think it's that, and probably just all the easy conveniences in general also.

Anyways yeah seemed like a slightly odd thing to bring up but feels like it should mentioned as just an 'idea', nothing more, nothing less.


if trump is smart, he wouldnt do a thing. Honestly i think his advisors tell him the same.
At the moment, the whole media is focused on this. Quite a few countries follow news from CHAZ as well. Believe it or not, these people are supported by many and they wanna see if this project is successful or not.
If trump rolls national guard and disperse them, EVERY mainstream media outlet + their supporters will have leverage and give headaches such as *oh it was legitimate, they could do great stuff, but you dispersed them, EVIL!* and use this pretext for years and years.
if you leave them alone, they will fail on their own, make themselves clown and people will stop supporting this idiotic movement.

Just like when you talk about communism now, everyone says *oh ussr was so successful as communist state, they fell after x years* and bam, support is gone.


Best take a look in the mirror when calling for the 'authorities' Razzy Boy...

That's crazy that they haven't coordinated an emergency plan with Seattle PD yet, I'm sure the city would be happy to oblige.


A Twitch streamer learns the definition of Anarchy in 3, 2, 1...

How is his voice (yelling thief) not falling in the distance if the thief is running away from him? Is he chasing a dude who looks to be armed with a bat or crowbar or something?

Or is the establishing shot and clear, slow pick up of the camera done so we can all say "Hey, it's white people robbing each other. The black guy in the distance is peacefully writing Fuck Police on the any other upstanding citizen."
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Best take a look in the mirror when calling for the 'authorities' Razzy Boy...

Regardless of what the CHAZ organizers say, that's still America, and what's right and what's wrong hasn't changed.

If those ambulance guys had the ability to go and save somebody and they didn't, that's wrong.

Maybe I'm becoming a liberal. Maybe I'm becoming religious.

Isn't the greatest gift whatever God you choose to believe in could give is life?

Those guys sat behind the wheel of a life-saving vehicle and did nothing while someone died?

People are just not giving a damn about each other anymore.