"Cheating On My Husband Made Me A Better Mother"

I don’t care who the woman is. Whenever you get an I love you or she makes some sweet statement at night laying on you ALWAYS in your head put right now after the statement. My hyper Australian shepherd is more loyal and has a better grasp of the future than most women I’ve “dated” or divorced.

Rob Banks

At the end of the article, there is a brief background about her writing career.

She's 50 years old. Picture is from her Twitter profile.


Didn't she say cheating help her become a better mother?

That icy stare. There is no warmth in her eyes whatsoever.

Physiognomy doesn't lie.


1 Timothy 2:12-15. Women are not to have authority over men, BECAUSE THEY ARE DECEIVED BY SATAN, just like the adultress woman in this nightmare article. Repeal the 19th.
I’m not fully convinced women have a conscience especially when it comes to this. The hampster can rationalize anything. Kids unhappiness/confusion included. There just isn’t a bottom to modern womyns solipsism.
That's why I won't ever date most modern women. They have zero morals. The are incapable of owning their faults.