Cheatue Heatiste


It began with CH that I started deep thinking about how to resolve the Red Pill and Black Pill with Classic Christianity (Protestant Faith).

I guess it boils down to Good and Evil. Any person can be good or evil, your choice. Jesus pruned or cut off the branches of a tree, those branches that didn't bear fruit. Edit: And he threw them into the fire to burn.

Who do you want to be?

But it was fun back in the days to think of the rotten aspects of culture, of knave women and men that I've seen in my life - comparing those to Axioms (or whatever he called them). It really helped me get through some crazy moments in life - long after they happened. I was able to understand how gullible I was in those moments. But too, I'm able to see how others saw life very clearly - but then again, they were corrupt women or knave men, some were femme fatales, some were dark triad. I'm glad I didn't turn into one of them.

Some Black Pill (CH type stuff) from the Old Testament would be Potiphar's Wife and her false rape charge, Delilah, Lot's wife and maybe Job's wife. Edit: For men examples I'd say Cain, Egyptian magicians, etc.

John 3:16