China’s Cloning Crusade: Technology for Human Replication ‘Already There’

Sadly the most practical application for cloning is for personal organ donation. Scary scenario like the movie “The Island”. I can see a psycho super wealthy person clone himself to harvest organs in case he needs a transplant. This way you avoid organ rejection.

if you want super smart people it’s easier just to have sperm donation by the smartest people in your country.

Da Vinci and Einstein are super smart but right now there are probably 100 people in this world just as smart. They may not be in the right field of study at the right time therefore have not made paradigm shifting discoveries.

Gene editing is another issue. China will be going full steam ahead in this regard.

intelligence alone is not sufficient for scientific discoveries or intellectual break through. I can guarantee there are already more people with IQ > 150 in China and India compare to US. Just by the sheer size of their population.

Creativity does not occur in vacuum. If Einstein grow up in an empty white room with a rock he can only do so much. Scientific achievement occur because of collaborative effort, learning and inspiration from peers and predecessors.

USA is number one because everyone in the world wants to come here. In any given research labs you’ll find a Russian, Chinese, Japanese, South African, German. It’s this collaborative effort, the intellectual and creative environment that gave rise to the amazing break throughs and discoveries.

5 Chinese with 180 IQ who grew up in the same environment is less likely to solve a problem then an international team with IQ of 160. Unless it’s math. Chinese have won the most international math Olympiads. And if US won, the US team is mostly chinese.
I look at all these 'modern' value systems and technological developments through the lens that they are ultimately designed to insult the Creator of the universe, and to attack the validity of the scriptures.

Re: Cloning...

1 Corinthians 15:25
Revelation 21:4

To fully complete the establishing of a pseudo kingdom of god on earth, human cloning (and somehow 'life/conscience' transfer - believe me, they will try) would be the next logical step to attaining the final/ultimate death-stroke to the Divine - everlasting life, without God. If man can achieve immortality, then man truly becomes God; Satan's declaration to Eve becomes truth (Genesis 3:4,5), while God subsequently becomes a liar (Genesis 2:17) and therefore must forfeit his right to rule his creation.

These technologies are not aliens they are born from the human intelect, meaning it is the will of the creator of the universe that humans can and do such a things. Otherwise, humans will not be able to do so.
@Dan Handler What is your ultimate point here? Are you saying something about the future, the US, China or ... just giving us factoids?

I am just saying that the USA is ahead of China because we are even making synthetic viruses and bacteria made with artificial DNA.

China also boasted about launching a man into space in 2003, but in that same year, the USA launched man into space on a plane that took off from an airport, and this spacecraft, called Space Ship One, was made by a private company owned by Burt Rutan and not the government.

The point is that what China is doing, the USA has already done and has advanced to even more powerful technologies. The USA is essentially doing science and technology on steroids.

China in 2003:

The USA in 2003:

Jeff Bezo's VTVL Rocket Capable of Vertical Take Off and Vertical Landing, 1st Successful Flight in 2015:

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The Chinese keep bragging about their high IQs but that is a false measure of intelligence because the Chinese cheat and their government statisticians put false average scores on the statistics they gather about IQs to make China look good.

Besides the communist and punitive version of psychology used by the Chinese government is the gayest and most subjective field of study since an IQ test is not an objective measure of intelligence. The objective measure of intelligence is neuroplasticity which was discovered by an American psychologist named Karl Lashley in 1923 and which is determined by testosterone levels. Karl Lashley started the field of psychometrics and bio-psychology which proved that all mental phenomenon ultimately stem from the nervous and endocrine system. If Chinese people are so smart then why are all the polymaths who are geniuses in multiple fields from the USA?

The following psychometric devices were invented in America to accurately gauge a person's mental state:

Lie Detector
Brain Fingerprinting

Additionally an American named Matt Cutler invented predictive analytics in 2003 in order to predict the future using statistical data fed into a computer algorithm.

The USA has all the polymaths because we are the most individualistic country in the world that values freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. The USA allows almost all speech except child porn, plaigiarism, harassment, disturbing the peace, slander, and libel, and allows the ownership of arms such as brass knuckles, retracting knives, tasers, pepper spray, self-loading, double-action, and semi-automatic pistols, shotguns, and rifles, hollow point bullets, rat rounds, fragmentary rounds, varmint grenades, mercury rounds, magnesium rounds, and explosives like cherry bombs, and dynamite.

China on the other hand does not produce a lot of innovations because it is too collectivist: the government heavily censors the people's speech and prohibits the ownership of many weapons including firearms. This excessive government control stifles the people's imagination and creativity which prevents the Chinese people from innovating.
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