Chris Cornell dead at 52


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Soundgarden, Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell dead at 52


Acclaimed musician Chris Cornell, the lead singer of seminal bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, died late Wednesday night in Detroit, his representative confirmed on Thursday. The singer was 52 years-old.

The circumstances surrounding the death weren't immediately clear, but his representative Brian Bumbery said it was "sudden and unexpected."

"Chris Cornell passed away late last night in Detroit, MI. His wife Vicky and family were shocked to learn of his sudden and unexpected passing, and they will be working closely with the medical examiner to determine the cause," Bumbery of BB Gun Press said in a statement.

"They would like to thank his fans for their continuous love and loyalty and ask that their privacy be respected at this time."

Cornell had just performed a concert with Soundgarden at the Fox Theater in Detroit. The rocker teased the show in a tweet sent out at 8:06 p.m., saying "#Detroit finally back to Rock City!!!!"

Soundgarden announced 18 shows as a part of its North American headline tour in late February. The set was scheduled to end on on May 27 in Oklahoma, according to promotional material.

Cornell also toured last year with his group Temple of the Dog, which consisted of members both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam.
A huge loss for the world. This guy has put out some incredible tunes that I've enjoyed over the years. Unfortunate I only ever the opportunity to see Audioslave in concert once. I remember watching Black Hole Sun on MTV back in the early 90s and thinking it was the best thing ever. Man... this one hits hard.




Fuck. I'll have to put Superunknown on.

I used to listen to Superunknown and Down on the Upside a bit when on the way to and from school when I was 18.

This was the first Soundgarden song I ever heard, back when I was 13:


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RIP I saw Soundgarden in Vegas a couple of years ago. Audioslave was awesome. This was a surprise. I just heard on the radio, it might be suicide.



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I saw Soundgarden in 1990 open for Danzig, on the Louder than Love tour. COC opened up. It was the night of my 15th birthday. Ended up seeing them several times between 1990-1995, probably 6-7 times. Met Kim and Matt, never Chris unfortunately. I am an old school Seattle rock fan.

My bands then and there after played several Soundgarden covers. I could try to sing like Cornell, but there was no way haha. Outshined, Jesus Christ Pose, Big Dumb Sex, Loud Love, Mind Riot, were some of our favorites to play live.

The rock world lost one of its greatest singers ever. Bummed and shocked to hear the news today.


Looks like Eddie Vedder's the last of the "big four" of Grunge left. With Cobain, Staley and now Cornell dead...


IvanDrago said:
fokker said:
Looks like Eddie Vedder's the last of the "big four" of Grunge left. With Cobain, Staley and now Cornell dead...
No love for Scott Wieland?
Can't forget about STP.

Thersites said:
Damn, he was too young to die. Time to listen to some Temple of the Dog in his honour tonight.
May have to get a copy of TOTD's album and Soundgarden's first one "Ultramega OK!".

I remember hearing that Soundgarden were planning a new album before Chris died. What will become of those recordings? Will they continue on without Chris or did Soundgarden die with him?
Sad and unexpected. With Weiland and Layne Staley, it was like you were always waiting for the news. This is pretty shocking


Sad to see such great musicians go so young. I grew up with the Seattle area grunge and we'll never see their likes again.


Aww man Chris always had such a unique and standout voice, sad to see him go. I wasn't very surprised when Cobain and Staley died but this one caught me off guard. One of my favorites from Soundgarden:

Once Was Not

God damn, what a talented singer. Way too young to die. Could hardly believe what I was reading this morning. There's just something with those grunge guys, damaged in some way. A real shame they all went so soon.


As far as I can tell, Eddie Vedder is the only of the five to have his shit together. I've read he's a family man and doesn't use. He smokes some pot and drinks red wine.



Grunge is getting to the age that it is going to start losing more of it's champions. :-(