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Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Despite the world AIDS day celebrations and Beyonce Mass, the pagans who run it haven't managed to scrub away the loveliness of this monument to Christ:

Holy Virgin Cathedral, home of St. John the of San Francisco. Attending the liturgy there is like stepping into another world. Old World beauty in a New World setting:


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Show offs.

No Southern gospel?

Never mind the haircuts.

This crowd can sing.

Mahalia Jackson and the classic Thomas Dorsey praise song.



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Gravestones are a good source of authentic culture.

1832, aged 17, Wales, Methodist.

You that are young, Behold and see How quickly Death has Conquer'd me, His fatal stroak, it was so strong, It took me off when I was young. It's God himself that knows why That in my youth I was to die.

1852, aged 82, India, Armenian Apostolic.

I, Arratoon Catchick, a follower of the Saviour, was born in the great City of Ispahan, and leaving my native country in early life came out to India for the purpose of trade. It chanced that at one time I was at Syedabad, where I was married in accordance with the rites and ceremonies of our Holy Church. Annie was the name of my wife, who was adorned with heavenly graces. She bore me children like angels, who praised the glory of the Lord. Oh how great a joy they were to us, when they would wake up at dawn, to glorify the Lord with songs of praise, whereby they would fill our home with all that was good! but, alas! inconstant and cruel destiny spares not even the tender years of youth, for the unendurable gall of death fell on our dear children, on whom the skill of all medical treatment proved of no avail. Forty days rolled by, and ruthless death snatched from our arms our beloved pair of turtle-doves for whose irreparable loss my devoted wife, through excessive grief, succumbed to consumption, and she soon went to her rest, and leaving this world, departed to associate with the saints above.

Then I who was left alone asked the Lord in my weakness to give rest to my soul, who, having compassion on me, sent anon his angel after my soul, in answer to the prayers of unhappy me, and into whose hands I yielded my soul with all faith, humbly asking remission for my innumerable sins, and my body remains here in this secret abode to rise again on the day of resurrection.

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Probably the best modern Christian band, My Epic spends an incredible amount of effort in crafting both the music and lyrics of their songs. This one has a post-rock vibe to it.



Three-part Latin motet found in the Montpellier Codex, a 13th century collection of French polyphony.

Latin text:

Alle (psallite cum) luya
Alle (concrepando psallite cum) luya
Alle (corde voto Deo toto, psallite cum) luya
(Concrepando psallite cum corde voto Deo toto. Alleluya.)

English text:

Halle (sing with) luya
Halle (resounding loudly sing with) luya
Halle (with heart devoted all to God sing with) luya
(Resounding loudly sing with heart devoted all to God. Halleluya)


This song was written in old French at the time of the Second Crusade. It is a crusade song in support of King Louis VII's crusade.

Although the Second Crusade failed, this song is great.

For those who know French history well, the painting shown in the video is of Hugh Capet, first king of France. Maybe the guy who made the video thought it was a painting of Louis VII.



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A Christian wedding band from 5th century Rome.[attachment=42771]

Eff DeBeeres artificially inflated blood diamonds, this needs to make a comeback.


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