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Literally founded at Jesus' command to his closest friend, St. Peter, who founded it in Rome within a decade of the crucifixion.
Pope St. Peter's first two Papal encyclicals, issued from Rome, are canonical books in the new Testament.
The chair he taught from is still in the center of his basilica, and he is literally buried under St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.
Today the first Catholic Pope greets new arrivals at the gates of Heaven.

Pope Damasius decreed the Biblical canon in 382 - which even Lutherans are forced to use.
Pope Gregory the Great established the Tridentine Mass in the 500s - not 16th century.
Established the way of numbering years that we use today in 582.
Pope Gregory VIII established the modern calendar in 1582 - a calendar so good everyone on earth uses it.
Evangelized the great majority of the Christian world
St. Thomas Aquinas established the largest and most complete system of Christian moral philosophy - The Summa Theologiae

When the Virgin Mary comes to earth she chooses to associate almost exclusively with Catholic peasant children or Catholic nuns.
Satanists only try to steal hosts consecrated in Catholic Masses.

Protected by the Holy Spirit, it is the longest running human organization in history - easily surviving bad Popes century after century.