Christian Music Thread

The Penitent Man

I don’t listen to a whole lot of music so I’m not really familiar with any traditional Christian music. I’ve always thought it was mostly the devil’s arena, at least most modern music. Classical stuff and orchestra has a lot of value. There’s also some fun secular bands but I don’t take any of that seriously.

When I was a kid my parents bought me a bunch of DC Talk albums. When I think about that whole Christian Rock/rap genre it makes me kind of angry, as I think it was a misadventure in an effort to compete in a style of music in which it clearly didn’t belong. Rock and rap music are mostly an abuse of instruments and vocals, mostly. Trying to make it Christian was just fruity. It’s sort of like trying to create a “Christian” porno.

Some of their stuff wasn’t bad though. The musicians themselves are talented, even if the genre is misdirected. Maybe it left a positive mark, as I still have good memories of a few songs. Definitely a strong 90’s vibe.