Christmas Carols and Christmas Clips


This thread is for traditional Christmas carols, and also for video clips along the lines of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


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This happens to be my favorite version of "O Holy Night." I happened across it randomly flipping through channels when it was live. I'm glad I did. The arrangement is great. His voice is incredible and clear. The pianist really nails the runs. The build up to the end is well worth it. 10/10 would listen to on repeat.


Thanks for sharing.

Here's a traditional organ arrangement:

Here's a clip of Jimmy Stuart playing a humble old custodian, and he starts to day dream about the birth of Christ:


Christmas ain't Christmas without some Nat King Cole.

Damn, this is going to make me all sentimental now.

Oh and Josh Groban. He did a phenomenal job with O Holy Night. He hits those notes in a real powerful way. It's a very moving song. Watching this gives me chills everytime.


Wow what a great thread. I attend high school in the heart of religious Texas, so the secularist mob hasn't shat upon our choir program yet. We just had our Christmas Concert in which we performed multiple choruses from George Frideric Händel's Messiah. Let me just tell you that it is a timeless masterpiece. It's 2 and half hours long, but if you're looking for something through which to truly worship God this season, I recommend "For Unto Us a Child is Born," "Glory to God," "And He Shall Purify," "And the Glory of the Lord" and, of course, the Hallelujah Chorus (if you like bass solos, "Thus Saith the Lord" and "But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming" are exceptional). I never experienced anything like I did performing Messiah on stage this week. Händel was an absolute genius, and in my opinion, is highly underrated. He wrote Messiah in only three weeks. We also sang O Come, O Come Emanuel which I saw posted. In any case, I've always loved Messiah, but never had the opportunity to perform it. I highly recommend listening to it in full. And if you're a singer, I highly recommended finding a volunteer choir to sing it with some time. It will move you.

Edit: it would be a crime if Vivaldi's Gloria In Excelsis Deo wasn't posted (sorry idk how to embed videos on mobile): zhhYIZJj6rk