Christograms, and in particular, the Jesuit IHS

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The religious history and symbolism attached to Christograms, are interesting.

Christograms are of course, short combinations of letters forming abbreviations related to the name of Jesus. Their history is rich and ancient.

The most famous is probably the Chi Rho.


But I'm also interested in the Jesuits' IHS. Officially it means, Jesus(Iesus) Hominum Salvator, Jesus Savior of Men.

Now, I've been told that it might be a secret, dark reference to Egyptian "deities", which is very disturbing, if true.

It would be, Isis Horus Seth, intertwined to read "ISIS" in full, all wrapped within the symbolic sun of the Egyptian "god" Ra. As seen in the coat of arms of the current pope. And we know that some early Christians might have been (wrongly) influenced by the old cult of Isis...

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