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I've studied a little bit about this language and find it fascinating. Has anyone around these parts tried learning it yet? Its precursor, Old Church Slavonic, is to most Slavic languages as Latin is to Romance languages, so there is obviously some value to learning it. Within ROCOR, it tends to get a lot of use in the liturgy, and even looking at the website for Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, it looks like seminarians are required to learn it.

Whether you're inside or outside of ROCOR, I think studying this language can be both beneficial and edifying. Here's a good introduction video I found about the language. Whether you're interested in learning it or not, I'd suggest watching this to learn a little more about its history and its basics.



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My family is old world Catholic (northeastern Hungary) but uses the Church Slavonic paschal greeting on Easter. We carry it on to this day. I'm curious how it made its way into Catholic communities, whether this was an ethnic Slovak/Slavic thing (huge population there) or more formalized with the Church in the region.