Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America - a book published in 1996 predicted these riots almost to the day


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Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America was published in 1996 by Thomas Chittum.

Thomas Chittum

Having read this before, when the widespread riots began I remembered this book.

Skimming through it again the author predicted things happening now and the date he said it would start was off by about a month.

How is that possible?

Sure the exact time, date, and place are not correct but this book was published about 25 years ago.... I would say that is an amazing prediction!
This is some chilling reading.


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Civil War Two

Email from The Daily Reckoning...

ElectionGate: America’s new manufactured crisis…

Will Trump raise Ukraine in the debate with Biden?…

“The orgy of political hysteria, insane thinking and violence is a psychotic reaction to the collapsing techno-industrial economy”…

America has a new manufactured crisis, ElectionGate, as if all the other troubles piling up like tropical depressions marching across the September seas were not enough.

America needs a constitutional crisis like a hole in the head, and that’s exactly what’s being engineered for the holiday season by the clever folks in the Democratic Party’s Lawfare auxiliary.

Here’s how it works: the complicit newspapers and cable news channels publish polls showing Joe Biden leading in several swing states, even if it’s not true. Facebook and Twitter amplify expectations of a Biden victory. This sets the stage for a furor when it turns out that he loses on election night.

On cue, Antifa commences to riot all around the country. Meanwhile, a mighty harvest of mail-in votes pours into election districts utterly unequipped to validate them.

Lawfare cadres agitate in the contested states’ legislatures to send rogue elector slates to the electoral college. The dispute ends up in congress, which awaits a seating of newly-elected representatives on January 4, hopefully for Lawfare, mostly Democrats. Whoops…!

Turns out, the Dems lost their majority there too. Fighting in the streets ramps up and overwhelms hamstrung police forces in Democratic-run cities. January 20 — Inauguration Day — rolls around, and the Dems ask the military to drag Trump out of the White House “with great dispatch!” as Mr. Biden himself put it so nicely back in the summer.

The U.S. military breaks into two factions. Voilà: Civil War Two.

You didn’t read that here first, of course. It’s been all over the web for weeks, since the Democratic Party-sponsored Transition Integrity Project (cough cough) ran their summer “war game,” intending to demonstrate that any Trump election victory would be evidence of treason and require correction by any means necessary, including sedition, which they’d already tried a few times in an organized way since 2016 (and botched).

The Democrats are crazy enough now to want this. They have driven themselves crazy for years with the death-wish of eradicating western civ (and themselves with it). There are many reasons for this phenomenon, mostly derived from Marxist theories of revolution, but my own explanation departs from that.

The matter was neatly laid out a year ago during the impeachment ploy: After the color revolution in Ukraine, 2014, Mr. Biden was designated not just as “point man” overseeing American interests in that sad-sack country, but specifically as a watchdog against the notorious deep corruption of Ukraine’s entire political ecosystem — as if, you understand, the internal workings of Ukraine’s politics was any of our business in the first place.

The evidence aired publicly last year suggests that Mr. Biden jumped head-first and whole-heartedly into the hog-trough of loose money there, netting his son Hunter and cohorts millions of dollars for no-show jobs on the board of natural gas company, Burisma.

And then, of course, Mr. Biden stupidly bragged on a recorded panel session at the Council on Foreign Relations about threatening to withhold U.S. aid money as a lever to induce Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko to fire a prosecutor looking into Burisma’s sketchy affairs.

Naturally, the Democratic Party impeachment crew accused Mr. Trump of doing exactly what Mr. Biden accomplished a few years earlier.

The impeachment fizzled, but the charges and the odor of the Biden-Burisma scandal lingered without resolution — all the while that Mr. Biden posed as a presidential candidate in the primaries.

This week, the Senate released a report detailing findings of their investigation into the Biden family’s exploits abroad. It didn’t look good.

Also implicated are the State Department officers in the Kiev embassy who pretended not to notice any of this, pointing also to their engagement in further shenanigans around the Trump-Clinton election of 2016 — a lot of that entwined in the Clinton-sponsored RussiaGate scheme.

Of course, the Senate was not so bold as to issue criminal referrals to the Justice Department.

If Mr. Biden actually shows up at this week’s debate, do you suppose that Mr. Trump will fail to bring up the subject?

Does this finally force Mr. Biden’s withdrawal from what has been the most hollow, illusory, and dispirited campaign ever seen at this level in U.S. political history?

All of which is to say that the Democratic Party has other things to worry about, besides who will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

That may be hard to believe, but it’s how things are now after four years of implacable, seditious perfidy from the party.

A week ago, all the talk centered around the Democrats’ election coup plan, as publicized stupidly by the so-called Transition Integrity Project. Nice try. What if all those mail-in ballots sent out recently have Joe Biden’s name on them and it turns out that he is no longer a candidate?

Hmmmm…. No doubt the recipients were so eager to fill them in and send them out that there’s no going back on that scam. Apparently, a Biden withdrawal was not one of the scenarios scrimmaged out in the Transition Integrity Project’s “war game.”

What then? A do-over?

Hence, panic in the swamp. Joe Biden’s misadventures, and his pitiful fate, are but the outer rainbands of the brewing storm.

There’s the threat of further and widespread riots, of course, but since when has insurrection proved to be a winning campaign strategy in a country not entirely gone to the dogs?

People who are not insane usually object to their businesses being torched and their homes invaded. At this point, after months of violent antics by criminal nihilists, one can even imagine Multnomah County, Oregon, turning Trumpwise.

The orgy of political hysteria, insane thinking and violence is a psychotic reaction to the collapsing techno-industrial economy — a feature of it, actually.

When all familiar social and economic arrangements are threatened, people go nuts. Interestingly, the craziness actually started in the colleges and universities where ideas (the products of thinking) are supposed to be the stock-in-trade.

The more pressing the practical matters of daily life became, the less intellectuals wanted to face them. So, they desperately generated a force-field of crazy counter-ideas to repel the threat, a curriculum of wishful thinking, childish utopian nostrums and exercises in boundary-smashing.

As all this moved out of the campuses (the graduation function), it infected every other corner of American endeavor, institutions, business, news media, sports, Hollywood, etc.

The country is now out of its mind… echoes of France, 1793… a rhyme, not a reprise.
I have seen alot of calls and predictions for Civil War following the election in the last few days.

I wonder if this will become the default position over the next month or two on both sides. Kind of like the plan for a couple of kids to settle the score after school in the smoking pit.
This coming civil war will take a very odd form. It's going to be a rural versus urban pockets of unrest. It will be equivalent to Bleeding Kansas prior to the War of northern aggression


This coming civil war will take a very odd form. It's going to be a rural versus urban pockets of unrest. It will be equivalent to Bleeding Kansas prior to the War of northern aggression
Agree on Rural vs. Urban as a key divider in the country.

There's lots of unrest right now in the cities. I think that these dem cities would be where things spark. Do the cities have an ability to quash this insanity? I don't see the resolve as of yet. If commies start taking over the cities, then

The rural areas will either be relatively quiet, poor places to wait it out until the madness starts to come to 2nd tier cities in the interior , then your local hometown.


It will be a war of those who believe in “God” versus those who do not. I have more in common with A religious Hindu in terms of way of thinking for family life Etc than these leftists with green hair. Whites are too fractured. Italians will go with Italians, wasps with wasps, jews w jews etc. however, this can work as each group fights Guerilla type warfare much like those factions in Syria etc. the left is more organized today, but when they get punched back, a lot will cower away much like when a bully is beat back.


Zero hedge had a recent article which really caught my eye. They've been running "simulations", reminds me of the corona simulation globalists were planning for prior to the plandemic, and many others.

In one of the June TIP scenarios, Trump wins the popular November vote by a landslide, but due to the slow influx of mail-in ballots, it is soon revealed that Biden is the winner, whereby Trump supposedly locks the doors of the White House refusing to leave. In the TIP “game”, Biden was played by none other than John Podesta. These scenarios were again replayed more recently by a DNC-connected outfit named Hawkfish funded by Michael Bloomberg which was covered on Axios running a more detailed version of this computer model called “Red Mirage”.

Other Soros-affiliated operations have sprung forth on multiple fronts to ensure maximum instability leading up to the elections. Beyond the obvious anarchy operations within the streets of America itself, a Canadian-based Soros-funded anarchist group called the Adbusters/Blackspot Collective which claims credit for coordinating Occupy Wall Street in 2010 has unleashed a 60-day “Lay Siege to the White House” offensive beginning on September 17. The British-Canadian pedigree of this act represents a long-standing tradition of anti-U.S. operations stretching back to the Aaron Burr plot of “northern secession” with Canada in 1804, the Montreal-directed assassinations of Abraham Lincoln AND John Kennedy to name but a few


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One reason why I don't believe in any lasting civil war or split-off is because the military and militarized police are unified. Even Antifa in all their stupidity does not understand that it's not going to be some anarchist utopia where they will hire those losers for important positions.

Roosh shared this of how cops easily deal with antifa scum:

The old communist systems went instantly into brutal law and order - their law and order, but law and order. Anarchist revolutionaists were executed just as a new neomarxist system would execute unruly antifa and blm protesters.


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I have a terrifying question.

What would it take for an American president to nuke an American city?



One reason why I don't believe in any lasting civil war or split-off is because the military and militarized police are unified. Even Antifa in all their stupidity does not understand that it's not going to be some anarchist utopia where they will hire those losers for important positions.

Roosh shared this of how cops easily deal with antifa scum:

The old communist systems went instantly into brutal law and order - their law and order, but law and order. Anarchist revolutionaists were executed just as a new neomarxist system would execute unruly antifa and blm protesters.

Interesting. Another thing I've been pondering if the size of antifa. There are only so many malcontents who frequent the punk rock/dive bar scene willing to risk everything to riot. And little by little the police are starting to arrest them. Maybe that's not making a huge difference, but, over time it will.

That being said, I disagree and think we are moving towards a civil war. antifa and blm are certainly part of this picture and are, for now, the only real combatants. The militia movement isn't fighting. But to go off of just the blm/antifa ranks is have to factor in all the normies and typical biden-harris voters.

Simply, I have nothing in common with these people. They're on another operating system altogether. And our differences are irreconcilable. For instance, these people support "late term abortion", which is nothing less than infanticide. These people believe there is no such thing as biological sex and then give hormone blockers to young children. This is just denying reality. There's a moral system that is vastly different than ours. It ranks racism as the absolute worse sin. While racism is indeed a sin, its not higher than say murder. But, according to them it is. Beyond race you have relations between men and women, which, as we all know, is in terrible condition.

These people are antagonistic too. Creepy and cultist. Social engineering is a highly evasive and intrusive method they insist on imposing on all of society. What about the people who do not want to be engineered? And what are we being engineered into? We could have colonized Mars by now, seriously, instead, we're supposed to believe that allowing women to serve in combat arms is just as a significant achievement.

These divides run deep and as the left keeps moving more and more left the divide grows and grows. In my quaint little New England town we are divided. We're two towns effectively - blm/homo and Back-the-blue/America. You can further break it down and simplify the situation to say there are socialists/communists and there are capitalists. Its impossible for these two systems to coexist peacefully.


I forgot who it was but someone wrote an analogy of how the Sovjet Union stopped being bolshevik after Stalins purges and onwards after that it was mainly ran by ethnic russians and based more on meritocracy, but everyone still had to pay lip service to communism and so on.

They predicted a similar thing to happen in case of a Biden win, the coastal US turning into a semi-socialist autocracy with BLM/Woke ideology, but you would still have white guys running the most important positions. People like Mattis, HR McMaster, Mormon-guy and so on. White dudes would probably have to invent various victim statuses to get there though, dress in women's clothes or whatever.

Like a multiethnic China essentially.

Which is a terrifying thought because you can see what it looks like with the kind of surveillance available today.

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I can't get my head how a civil war would unfold if it happened tomorrow.

My basic theory and advanced theory both start at some kind of chaos stops or renders ineffective the federal an undecided election. That leads to government shutdown, which leads to people not getting paid and just not going to work.

Basic theory
In the cities, existing criminal elements would start to loot and purge while antifa types raided courthouses, jails and police stations. Pussy hat democrats would flee the cities and/or be killed. Eventually, when the pussy hats are all gone antifa will have to do battle with the criminal warlords for control. I have no idea how that will turn out.

The pussy hats fleeing to the suburban and rural country side will be harassed for tent camping, squatting, clogging up resources etc. A disrupted supply chain will be made worse as they screw up the available resources in the small towns they are running to. Violence in these areas will be sporadic, and essentially lawless more than 'at war'. There will be conflicts along the lines of where the 'city' stops and the suburbs start.

The military is just going to lock down it's installations and wait to see what happens while all of this goes on, while keeping watch for foreign incursions.

Eventually state governments will try to reorganize federal powers and try to use their national guards or raised militias to fight each other or gain control of washington, sort of like how it was with rapidly turning over emperors in the fall of the roman empire.

Advanced Theory
same as basic, except traitorous foreign or internal actors infiltrate (or have already infilatrated) antifa and when they take over things like police stations, courthouses etc. they simply open the doors and turn over the keys to the actual professionals who know how to make the most out of these installations. It then becomes a military vs. military conflict.

Essentially antifa are just the spies/traitors for someone else who unlocks the city gates at night to let the enemy in, like so many old testament and medival stories.

Unfortunately, the pattern of the advanced theory seems more likely to me as it follows the pattern of other civil wars like Egypt, Iraq, Syria, yugoslavia, Ukraine where there was some kind of "natural" political unrest and the international community then invites themselves in to be the "liberators" vs. the existing government which is in shambles.

Even in the american civil war, the backers of the Union and Confederacy had a lot to do with the resources available to each side.


I don't see how Antifa starts the civil war. Patriots won't either.

What the government will attempt is a slow boil South African style state with ever incremental restrictions against whites and covert reparations. White quality of life will just deteriorate more and more over a decade or two, until they're so second class citizens, that secession becomes a real movement.

Then eventually some smaller part of a state, like Orania in South Africa, just larger, will go ahead and make a formal secession statement. The government will move in with force, blood will be spilled, which will then set off the civil war. Allied forces to the white free state will drive back the government forces and then mobilize. This will spark the war.


Add to the fact that diversity is the US Government's downfall in a situation like this. You'd see a lot of weird alliances between heavily-armed black gangs and outright true white supremacists who agree to divide so-and-so parts of Georgia up amongst them if they fight together against the Feds.

And I guarantee they would fight alongside one another.

And I guarantee they would voluntarily honor their treaties with each other moreso than the Feds ever have with anyone.