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Coach Red Pill is a YouTuber who advises Westerners to move to poor countries for a variety of reasons. The poor country he had been living in was Ukraine. When the war started, he started criticizing the Ukrainian government. Because of that, there was a claim that "Ukrainian death squads" were after him, and a hotel kicked him out. This thread is for updates on his adventures and any relevant analysis he has shared.

His two YouTube channels:

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Viktor Zeegelaar

Orthodox Inquirer
As it happened I was watching a stream of him yesterday. In it he gives a detailed outline of how the front is progressing and historical/cultural background and context on unfolding events. Also, because he doesn't condemns the Russians but offers a more factual/objective/what is happening kind of analysis, in which he also criticizes Ukraine squads/government, he indeed tells he had to flee his home as troops came to get him out of his house. He's undercover now, but still in Eastern Ukraine. I'd say we have to pray for him because they're looking to hunt him down... Several ''pro Russian'' public people already have been executed.

He does daily updates:

He's a specialist in Russian history as well and sees the parallels between the global regime and the Russian revolution of 1917. Ironically he warned for a war (with China) 4 months ago.

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Coach Red Pill stopped by The Duran livestream today on Rumble for about half an hour. He talks about his current situation, stating theories about Zelenksky's appearance at a press conference along with other thoughts. He's currently in Kharkov in an undisclosed location.

He appears at the 46:00 minute mark.


2 Right Hands

He's currently being a live guest on Black Pigeon Speaks/Felix Rex's podcast:

Have to say, he's pretty pumped up (could be due to stress, of course, as apparently he's being actively hunted by the Ukrainian forces/services).

Pointy Elbows

From a CRP link today:

This is a 2016 documentary of Donbass residents, ethnic Russians, describing their difficulty since the Ukrainian Army came to the region and open conflict developed against "separatists."

US backed Poroshenko had stated beforehand that "Ukrainian children will go to kindergarten, Their (Russian) children will to to bunkers."

Tom Slick

Here are two viewpoints of Ukraine, both big picture. One is from an Orthodox Christian, Abbott Tryphon, and the other is secular from Coach Red Pill.

Peace Begins Within

Excerpts from the beginning of Abbott Tryphon's video:

This is in many ways, this dark time, where we look inwardly to see our own culpability in what is happening.

Now is not the time to bring judgment upon any world leaders, but to bring the judgment where it really belongs, within our own hearts, our darkened hearts.

Saint Seraphim of Sarov said that if we acquire inner peace, a thousand around us will be saved.

This is not the time for all of us to be focused on the news or on social media because all that does is bring disturbance and sadness to the heart. Now is the time to look inward at our own sins and knowing that ultimately what happens in my own heart affects the whole cosmos.

Many of the early church fathers told us that even one foul word by one of us has ramifications throughout the entire cosmos, so we need to pay attention to what is happening here.

America, You’re About To Be Poor—So Please Don’t Lash Out At Us

Coach Red Pill opens his video by clapping obnoxiously into the camera and then goes on for 14 minutes, savoring the black pill message he has come to deliver to your inbox. He is here to tell you that not only are you going broke, but you will soon have to choose between buying food or buying heating oil, a message he repeats in case its gloom and doom didn't sink in fully the first time.

He finishes his livestream with a lovely black pearl of despair around the 13.30 mark.

Now you are realizing the true costs of these policies and now you have to make sure that your incompetent corrupt leaders, like the Biden administration, and like the Republican party, do not fool you into thinking that it's the fault of somebody else. It's not the fault of anyone else. It's the fault of American leadership. And here comes the bitterest pill of them all.

If the United States is a true democracy, then who is responsible for the leadership that the United States has? Because these leaders that we have, they weren't there, they weren't put there, they're not kings, you know, ruling by divine right. No, no, no.

It's a government of the people, by the people, for the people. You allowed yourself to be fooled and now you are going to pay the price.

And the rest of the world is asking you, "Please don't lash out at us, the rest of the world, because we had nothing to do with this shit show that you are experiencing. And you are responsible because you allowed this to happen."

[His final message is delivered while pointing into the camera like a manosphere Buffalo Bill scolding you for not having properly applied you skin cream.]

And that's a bitter pill, but you're going to have to swallow it.

I guess Coach believes that the 2020 election was the fairest of all time and that Pres. Biden received 81 million legit votes.
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Coach Red Pill has predicted the invasion would never happen, so clearly he doesn't have a crystal ball to read the future.
However, it is impossible to deny the simple truth, that in times of turmoil, it will be revealed that the real economy is production, agriculture and skills, and the fake economy is going to be exposed for what it is.