Coach Red Pill

What has he got wrong?
He absolutely felt that Russia had more than enough troops on the ground pre UAF Karkhiv/Izyum/Kherson counterattack and such a think could never even take place.

We all agree these were largely phyrric UAF victories, but the absence of manpower back then WAS a critical problem, and Russia was woefully undermanned. Lira refused to acknowledge that.

He's completely correct on many things too I must say! His deep dives into the Nulands(((Nudelmans))), or the "System Pig" phenomena is nothing short of brilliant.

All I'm saying is that he is a total pompous mule's rear when it comes to his interviews. He's also just petty. Like when he through Scott Ritter under the bus after he stuck his neck out. Anyway that's the last ill mention on that


Watched it and must agree. Strange that such an intelligent guy is incapable of holding a constructive debate with two adversaries.
He gets butthurt way too easily.

I didn't even bother watching that one because I've observed that he's incapable of the kind of dissection that idiots like those two need.

The audience isn't low IQ "conservatives" who want to see someone "own the libs". It's mostly people who are higher IQ and skeptical owing to being older folks who've observed the corruption and self reinforcing stupidity from the "smart and serious people".

Instead his response to criticism is butthurt that leads to insults and ad hominems.


He said the war would be over within two months for starters. I'm not trying to denounce the guy as he has many boots on the ground insights.
With all of these influencers it's best to keep in mind what they know.

Lira knows very little about the military. His area of expertise is understanding how the "elites" think and how their social systems operate.

When it comes to military I'd trust McGregor more in the event of disagreement. However, currently his analysis and McGregor's aligns.


So I tried watching another LazerPig video. Good grief....this guy is a masterful bad actor.

Almost certainly an intelligence op. The amount of production work that goes into his channel is far beyond what one guy with a job would have time to do. Additionally he's another channel that got big after the algorithm just "randomly" decided to boost him.

For starters, he's got the constant ADHD interrupts. These serve to break the train of thought (so you never start thinking about what he's saying and questioning it....Colbert uses the same technique). It also is like crack for the Redditor types.

He's particularly skilled at misleading with factoids. For example at one point he claimed that Russia had 55k casualties.s which exceeds the Total US casualties in Vietnam.
  1. It's not true. The US suffered 58k KIA in Vietnam

  2. You may have already noticed based on what I just said: It's apples to oranges. He's comparing KIAs to Casualties (includes any wounded that takes you off the front lines. At one point I was a "casualty" and was back with my unit 3 weeks later). Not an equivalent figure. The total number of US Casualties in Vietnam was several orders of magnitude higher.

  3. The number at the time was false. 55k was the number estimated by Ukraine MOD, which has so far had a tendency to "spectacularly dramatize" facts.

That said he is absolutely masterful with the "factoids" and Lira was an idiot to debate this guy without having a technical expert to back him up.