"Cobra Kai" YouTube Red series


Season 3 was good but the fight scenes bordered on ridiculous. It actually made the fight scenes in the flashback Vietnam episodes weaker by comparison. And then you have the equally ridiculous "girl kicks the crap out of guy" scenes which are also bothersome.

If it weren't for these two points, this would actually be a great series to watch.

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I still enjoy the show but seasons 2 and 3 certainly didn't live up to the consistent quality of season 1. I think Sam is cute, even though she's chubby and not as pretty and thin as she was in S1. Tory still got the body. Kreese is BA, favorite move was when he pulled out the cigar cutter on that guy. Disappointed that Johnny is being turned into the purple pill character, his character in Season 1 was perfectly written. That final fight between SPOILERS: Daniel and Kreese was badass.

And oh yeah, seeing Elisabeth Shue made me very, very, very happy.


Kreese would argue the following:

1. Cobra Kai won everything until Miyagi showed up and gave them bad press from one (1!) loss and his students started bad mouthing him---because they were too weak to choose strength. Cobra Kai ruled the youth up until that point. Hardly losers.

2. Life is war. If Americans had prepared for war and not gotten soft, they would not have lost Vietnam. Remember, Kreese is all about making sure what happened in Vietnam doesn't happen again. You do that with well-trained troops. No one every won a battle with great philosophy but soft troops.

3. Don't confuse strategy with tactics. Sun Tzu wrote about strategy, but even The Art of War he distinguishes it from tactics. There's a scene in Art of War where, as an experiment, he trains the Emperor's harem in tactics/drilling, and the women all think its silly and joke around, so he makes the shocking decision to behead a few of the harem to instill discipline---and they immediately become far more disciplined, fearing him.

That's an action straight out of Kreese---use fear to motivate your troops to learn harsh tactics they can execute quickly on the battlefield. Kreese was making sure there was no long, protracted war by making sure his students acted viciously and swiftly enough to end conflict quickly.


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I binge-watched all three seasons recently. I really enjoyed the show. One of the funniest moments was when Miguel is practicing karate in his room, and his grandma is listening outside and thinks he's masturbating.

One thing I found distracting about the show is that it supposedly takes place in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County. The show uses some stock footage of valley locations and the dialogue mentions some Valley landmarks. However, the show is actually filmed in Georgia. The trees don't look the same as the trees around LA. The scenes where Daniel visits Okinawa also appear to have been filmed in Georgia. I guess I'm being too strict expecting the show to actually go to Okinawa to film.

Anyway, in response to some of the earlier comments in this thread...I didn't check all the actors' bios, but it is unlikely that many, if any, of them are actual teenagers. Movie and TV productions in the US, if I understand correctly, avoid using actual teenagers because the industry and union rules around teenage actors are almost prohibitively expensive, such as being required to provide them with on-set tutors.

I did karate for awhile and I think the show reflects karate culture fairly well. In my area there was even an "evil karate sensei" like Kreese who used to enter his students in all the regional tournaments. He annoyed everyone so much with his hostile attitude that all the tournaments eventually banned his dojo from participation. I fought one of his students in a full-contact bout and before we started the guy was looking at me like I had just raped and killed his entire family. But, that was how that sensei taught his students to be. By the way, I won the match because he punched me in the face, which was against the rules (kicks to the head were ok, but not punches, like most kyokushin-style tournaments). His sensei had apparently neglected to tell him that face punches weren't allowed.

If you've watched the show (as well as the original movies) you know that the characters and storylines place tremendous importance on the "All Valley Karate Championship Tournament." The problem I have with this is that most martial arts styles or schools don't place that much importance on who wins or loses in an amateur karate (or similar) tournament. The main reason is that amateur martial arts tournaments are notorious for having uneven and arbitrary judging. In fact, its almost a running joke in the karate community, in my experience, that karate judges and referees are assumed to barely know what they're seeing or doing, even though most of them are black belts. One exception to this is in Japan. In Japan, in the full contact styles you're kind of expected to win your association's "All-Japan" national tournament at least once in order to have claim to the highest executive levels in the association. Again, however, that kind of proves my point because what ends up happening is that the judges will try to "share" the championships with different, favored fighters. If one fighter is "supposed" to win that year (i.e. his turn), he will benefit from biased judging. Of course, I understand the show using the tournament as a natural plot point.

As far as men and women fighting against each other, most tournaments do have separate mens and womens divisions. I don't know why the tournament in Cobra Kai has women and men fighting each other. Even in the current year, most parents would object to that. Oh, also the show has these kids beating the crap out of each other in the dojo, but their parents never come in to see what's going on. That isn't very realistic, in my experience.

Still, the show if funny and entertaining. I look forward to Season 4.


I like what I've seen so far (just the first two seasons). I'd like to watch Season 3, but is there any (legal) way outside of Netflix to do that? Have had no subscription with them since Cuties.