Colin Powell, war criminal, dead of Covid at 84

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, fully vaxxed, died of Covid last week.

Powell was the first black Secretary of State, and was often portrayed as a statesman and a patriot, though the truth paints a far different story. Comedian Jimmy Dore (now one of the best journalists in America) does a great takedown of him and a summary of his evil life.

He is probably most famous for giving a 2003 speech to the UN, which was later proven to be almost entirely false.
Powell knew the speech was false, and lied anyway.
Over a million died due to his lies about the Iraqi people. The gutless coward later admitted his complicity, but he loved power too much to resist:

But he had a long list of evil acts prior to this one including arming and supporting evil dictators in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Panama. The countries are still recovering today (El Salvador being the worst case of all, where the violent MS-13 gang that helps the country lead in murders in the region, and also committing a fair bit of violent crime in the US as well, sprang up during Powell's support for its oppressive government).

Just a reminder that the US has been doing evil throughout the world for a long time, and that there is no meaningful difference in our two political parties.


Other Christian
Many in the Bush and Obama administrations are war criminals and it is sad they are honored instead of being in prison where they belong. We send people to jail for years for stealing pizza, but kill thousands of foreigners and your own soldiers in an invasion that had no justification and you are a hero. Sadly, when Bush dies, people will also speak nicely about him.

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
Liberals are already speaking highly of Bush. When he was "literally Hitler" and "Worst. President. Ever." just a few years ago.

There was some backlash when Ellen Degenerate was cozying up to W at a baseball game, but the mainstream notion is that he's awesome now and liberals would love to have him back in office. There was a brief moment where war tribunals were a possibility when Obama took over but that notion is laughable now.