Come and See: Belarusian/Soviet War Film from 1985


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This film popped up in my recommendations recently and I recently watched it. Despite quality issues I think it’s one of the most powerful and disturbing war films I’ve seen. It incorporates some surrealist aspects, which makes me think of it as a sort of Soviet Apocalypse Now for the Eastern Front in WW2 (set during the German occupation of the Byelorussian SSR). In a way it’s the closest thing to a two hour long nightmare, but I recommend it if you are in the right mindset to endure that.



I’ve seen it. It’s excellent, but at times amateurish and choppy (not all Soviet cinema is as stunningly well made as Solyaris) so I would say it’s around an 8/10.

It’s definitely one of the least appealing war films I’ve ever seen. War is portrayed as mostly traumatic - no glory and adventure to be seen here.


You will have nightmares for weeks, bro'. This film is not something you step lightly into.
I'll add onto this by saying that this film isn't some kind of violent gorefest (you're not watching Men Behind the Sun or some exploitation flick). It's just extremely distressing to watch in a way I really can't describe. The main character is a child soldier.

You'll never forget it. I think the fact that it's a little rough around the edges (see my earlier post) actually heightens the impact a bit.
My childhood's usual cinema. There was so many Soviet movies about WW2. Soviet art is phenomenon, because it was created completely by state money, often for propagandist purposes, but not always. And main difference between this and art that is created in capitalism is that in socialism, artist sponsored by state, shouldn't worry about commercial success. He should worry only about artistic aspects of his work (!!!). Let's say- he shouldn't worry, about popularity of hes work in masses. Tarkovsky for example. So, we can say, that in some aspects, soviet artists had more freedom than their colleagues in capitalism. Soviet art, in many aspects is very, very noncommercial. It's very controversial and difficult theme to discuss.