Concrete Graves

Grow Bag

I thought this worthy of a new thread to discuss. Out of curiosity I watched a video on Bitchute yesterday of a couple of Texan lads surveying a huge field of sunken concrete boxes. The same Bitchuter uploaded a video today, that I remember watching in my Alex Jones days back in the day, of 100s of 1000s of plastic coffins stacked in a field. The old video gets off-track at around 4:50, talking about a nuclear attack which was the talk around 9/11 and an understandable worry. The salient clue is the that the CDC owned the coffins way back in 2000.

Uploading the new video of the concrete casket shaped boxes and then this 2005 video was a good call and at this point in time the connection is worthy of consideration. The only thing that I wished had happened was that the dimensions of both the plastic caskets and concrete structures had been taken. If the plastic caskets were a nice fit in the concrete boxes, we'd have something substantial to ponder. Why would the Center for Disease Control order coffins for a potential nuclear disaster, when their remit is disease control and their emergency would be a pandemic. Could it be that the fields of concrete boxes are a subterranean mausoleum that the plastic caskets will be stacked in? Did they get the coffins manufactured way ahead of time to cloak the connection of what was coming in the future or was it just a contingency plan prior to 9/11 for a possible bioweapon attack?

It was certainly weird watching it way back then, now it's truly troubling. That we're living in dark times is indisputable, so I rule nothing out at this point. Am I paranoid? YES, but it's not inconceivable.



I have instructed me family to construct a mausoleum for my final resting place. A stature of me on horseback would be nice but I’m willing to be flexible on that one.