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Since the rise of Donald Trump, we have seen numerous examples of fake news on the left (NYTimes, CNN) and cucks out in full force (National Review) on the right. Therefore, it it is important for us to compile a set of sources that can be relied to uncover the shenanigans that the political elites are pulling. Please find the websites/tv that I follow on a regular basis: (Not totally convinced on this one)

Please share your sites/sources for information. In particular, I really like the analysis/opinions featured in the Unz Review.

Thomas More

One American News

This is a clearly pro-Trump 24 hr TV news network. We have it on DirecTV. I believe it is in about 35 million TV households, so not nationwide, but pretty big.

Some of their production values look cheap, but for content I consider them better than Fox.

Laska, it's factual news. In fact, you can even find out who to primary in 2018.

Edit for explanation: "To primary" a politician, means to use a primary or caucus to decide if an incumbent running for reelection should be replaced with another candidate for the election. This term strikes fear into the hearts of moderate Republicans, some of whom have fallen victim to this technique.
Reason Magazine (Libertarian)
The Gateway Pundit (MAGA/ bit tabloidish)
Cernovich (MAGA). Dude has had a lot of scoops recently, so there's some good info from him.
Infowars (Conspiracy theory heavy, but Alex Jones has a lot of Trump people on, and was one of the first dudes to support him).
Gavin McInnes (Alt-lite/ MAGA/ red-pilled, Was on the, but i think he left recently, I know he has articles in Taki's Mag pretty often.).
Taki's mag (Libertarian, paleoconservative, etc).

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McInnes is on CRTV which I would recommend for this thread. CRTV is is a paid subscription online platform which you can get for about $40 for a year if you use the right promo. It hosts Stephen Crowder and McInnes. Their main host is Mark Levin who I rarely watch. They also have a great series by Michelle Malkin in which she investigates certain issues. Her series on false rape accusations is great and it is a shame that most of it is behind a pay wall. Steve Deace's show is also good.

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WeekendCasanova said:
CRTV is fine for those you mentioned above.

But they now host the insufferable Roaming Millennial.

I saw that after I made the post.

It will be interesting to see how her show is set up. Most CRTV shows are done in a format where ten-twenty minute segments are put together(if not done live), not the 5-15 second video chunks that she script reads and pastes together to make her youtube videos. She was on Crowder a few weeks ago, she came across as slow and unable to answer simple questions on air. Crowder is an awkward guy and interrupts a lot but he was having to help her through her own "views." I've only seen a handful of her youtube videos, they look like a re-hash of your average Shapiro/Watson video except done by a woman.



Making-America-Great Spirit Survives - MIT Professor Charged for Hiding China Ties (Video)

The conclusion of the Trump presidency does not mean the end of the movement to restore America’s greatness that he’s stood as the figurehead of. It’s important to remember that President Trump’s achievements have been bolstered by many in his cabinet, in Congress and in various arenas of society who share his passion for the principles of freedom, fairness and opposing tyranny that lie at the core of America’s founding. Standing up for these principals didn’t begin with President Trump, and it won’t end with his leaving office.

We revisit a shining example of the defense of American values in one heroic congressman’s fiery cross-examination of ‘impeachment witnesses’ the last time that they tried to impeach Trump!

Chinese-American entrepreneur and former Democratic presidential candidate, Andrew Yang is running for New York City Mayor. The hallmark of Yang’s platform is a guaranteed citywide minimum income for New Yorkers. In addition, Yang proposed setting up a “People’s Bank” to disburse the income on a monthly basis. The universal basic income is projected to cost an estimated 1 billion. However, as New York City is already in a deep financial crisis amid the pandemic, exactly how this will be funded remains unclear.