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I enjoy a good conspiracy theory documentary once in a while. Sure some are way out there and full of fantasy hyped with a sprinkle of logic (ancient aliens type stuff), but I find them very interesting. It's good to be in the state of mind where you question what you are told and attempt to look beneath the surface to find your own answers.

I just watched the Sandy Hook one, with the monotone old lady narrator. While I think faking something of that proportion is impossible, it did bring up some good points that made me wonder.

Post any documentaries, videos, articles, that question the mainstream explanations of high profile incidents.

The more rational the source the better.
The conspiracy I most believe in is to do with the Lockerbie bombing. A US passenger plane was blown up over a small Scottish village on December 21, 1988 killing 270 people.

Iran were responsible for the bombing - but the Americans blamed Libya instead.

This was because "Mad Dog" Colonel Gaddafi was a convenient scapegoat at a time when the US wanted Iran as an ally in the first Gulf war. And blaming the bombing on Iran drew attention away from America's culpabilty in their own misfortune.

Iran carried out the bombing in retalliation to an accidental missile attack by the US on an Iranian passenger jet 5 months earlier. That mistaken attack caused the death of 290 innocent Iranian civilians.

Later on - the Scottish government agreed to release the convicted Libyan bomber (Abdelbaset al-Megrahi) from prison on 'compassionate grounds' (due to his sufering from cancer) since he was going to appeal his conviction. And one of the conditions of his release on 'compassionate grounds' was that he drop any right to appeal. It is interesting to note that he lived for another three years after his release. And there are allegations that an arms deal was behind the release as well:

When Gaddafi handed over the Libyan 'suspect' (back in 2001) - it allowed Libya to re-establish normal relations with other countries. Resulting in billions of pounds of contracts for British and American companies.

This isn't just me saying this. Even the doctor who is the head of the Lockerbie victims group doesn't believe the official story.


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This is a documentary on Columbine.

Evan Long's "The Columbine Cause" is a feature-length video presentation based on public domain government records related to the official "investigation" of the Columbine High School shootings of April 20, 1999.

It includes quotations from suspect interrogations and witness interviews as recorded in little before publicized police files, 911 recordings and other rare items.

The documents reveal that many corroborating reports from Columbine High School students, faculty and others directly conflicted with the conclusions presented in the Sheriff's Office Final Report concerning the attack timeline, the weapons used and more:

"[Columbine High School cafeteria witness Brandi Wiseman] said that they could hear the gunmen reloading their shotguns and other guns in front of the door and then begin shooting at what she thought were the appliances in the kitchen. [...] She said that she had her watch on and that this occurred at approximately 1230 hours."

"[Columbine High School student Kristen Schoenhoff's] two best friends were out in the senior parking lot retrieving something from one of the girls' cars. They saw two gunmen, both of which were neither Dylan or Eric. [One of them ...] later identified one of [the gunmen] in the yearbook [...]. She looked in the back in the [Trench Coat] Mafia Dedication and found him in the picture."

"[Columbine High School] class of 2001 and one-time [Trench Coat Mafia] member Alex Marsh said she left the group in about December of '98 because of their propensity for violence. Specifically, Marsh told classmates that she knew of the attack having been planned since at least that time, and was overheard stating that if she hadn't left the group, she probably would have been in on it with them."

Were these discrepancies merely the result of chaos and confusion or did the witnesses experience something very different than the authorities presented as their findings? With "The Columbine Cause", you can listen to some of those who were at the scene and inform yourself more fully about what happened before, during and after this most infamous of school shootings.


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The most out and out colorful and fun conspiracy idea I know of is Terence McKenna's, who was a genius at lecturing on bizarre psychedelic experiences. He put forth the theory that Psilocybin mushrooms were a means of communications from aliens to help us toward enlightenment and keep us from destroying the Earth.

There's not a lot I can add to that to make it any better than it is.
Anyone read 'Food Of The Gods' by Terence Mckenna? It details his 'stoned apes' theory.

I am thinking of picking up a copy since I was discussing the idea with my brother a few months ago. But at the time I never got round to investigating it further.

Would be interested to see what the critical reception to the hypothesis was? I am not a fan of drugs personally. But I am interested in novel ideas when it comes to evolution.


scotian said:
Apparently Paul walker faked his own death:

Just read that. Filled with grainy photos that always "prove" something. The author is definitely reaching a bit too far with a lot of that content.

This comment summed it up well:

No one has given one intelligent reason why these two people would fake their deaths. It is not like they can come back after awhile and say, “Just kidding!” They’ll go to jail. It’s illegal. So for those thinking he wanted to get more recognition or a break from being noticed, I’m pretty sure that didn’t entail spending time behind bars. And if he wanted a break, he doesn’t have to say yes to movie rolls. Plus unless he got a face transplant he would have always been recognized. Or is that part of the hoax? Now he is getting extensive surgery to change his looks so he can move to some South American country living happily ever after. Not likely. To the author of this conspiracy, write a book. You work well with fiction.


Anyone read 'Food Of The Gods' by Terence Mckenna? It details his 'stoned apes' theory.

Cardguy, I know you prefer books over audio but his lectures on society are very profound with creative english language.

The fact that some of his podcasts is on the LSD is really surprising. They are articulately spoken.



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It's not the plausibility of the theory which gives it entertainment value, it's how ornate and outlandish it is.

The universe conspires daily to cause all of us to disappear completely and forever. What can compete with that? The NSA?

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The funny thing about conspiracies is that they are sometimes true.

1. 10 yrs ago if I told the average american they were being spied upon by their government through the internet/phone calls, and all electronic communications I would be called a quack and told to put some more tinfoil around my head. Today--it is accepted as truth thanks to Snowden

2. MK-Ultra--the US government going around forcibly drugging citizens without their consent and performing experiments on them. Crazy shit that turned out to be true

3. Operation Northwoods--a genuine false flag proposal from the US military planners and approved by the joint chiefs of staff to stage terrorist attacks on american soil. thank god Kennedy did not approve the proposal. Scary it got that far up that it was considered at all.

4. Project Shad---government gassing American soldiers with toxic and lethal chemical and biological agents on naval vessels.

5. The Anthrax attacks was a legitimate inside job--even according to the official FBI report. Cant make this up. US scientist Bruce Ivins at (USAMRIID) who developed and helped weaponizie anthrax turned out to be the culprit.


Flavius Aetius said:
The funny thing about conspiracies is that they are sometimes true.

5. The Anthrax attacks was a legitimate inside job--even according to the official FBI report. Cant make this up. US scientist Bruce Ivins at (USAMRIID) who developed and helped weaponizie anthrax turned out to be the culprit.

Yes, it was so convenient that Ivins was blamed years after the attacks, after someone else (Hatfill) was falsely blamed and after he was dead from "suicide."

Many people have doubts about Ivins's culpability. Some of it is based on analysis of the anthrax strains involved.

The anthrax attacks of September - October 2011 are the great unsolved conspiracy.

They occurred right after 9/11, right as planning had started for the invasion of Iraq. The attacks fit very well into the "weapons of mass destruction" war propaganda theme leading to the Iraq war.

Senator Leahy, one of the targets to whom an anthrax letter was mailed, said that he didn't think Ivins acted alone, if he was guilty.

My opinion? Cheney/Rumsfeld at the top of the conspiracy. Consistent with everything else they did to push the war, e.g. Niger uranium forged documents.