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Not quite. š (shin with dot on right side) is prononced like "sh" in english. Different phonetics. English writing would be Nasha.


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Yo Merc, anyway I could get that 8chan thread where you found all of this? I finished up the GLP reading (took me a few days) and I read the notes. I'm curious about what they had to say about it on 8chan now.

part of me thinks that Rothschild poster was for real. Something about it was wayyyyy too repill for it to have been a 1-year-long troll game.

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Any truth to the theory that the cold war was a hoax to make money for the industrial complex? Anthony Sutton wrote a bit about how America gave the Soviets technology. And that the Soviets never posed a real threat to America and the whole thing was a charade.


I would not say it was a hoax as there was certainly animosity between the communist soviets and capitalist countries. However, it's quite clear that the military industrial complex and other entities benefited from it. I think that those interests always want the USA to have a clear enemy in order to produce more weapons and get more funding as the Cold War was replaced by the War on Terror in the 2000s and now we have Cold War 2.0 with Russia as the new bogeyman.

Sutton points out in his book Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution that the Bolsheviks received substantial financial and political assistance (Trotsky was even granted a a US passport) from Wall Street firms and the US government. Furthermore, many of those firms gave funding to Stalin in the 1930s. It is all documented in Sutton's book.
Sutton shows that Wall Street funded both the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. Pretty shocking stuff for normies.

At one point though, I guess it was not that beneficial as Reagan made this big push to defeat the USSR in the 1980s, which succeeded.


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That's what I've been saying for a long time. Why the hell do I need to know about my ancestry? That's a patently weird obsession that some people have. I don't want the government putting me on a list for my glorious black master race DNA. I'm like the friggin kwisatz haderach.


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This are going the right way with those DNA database...

Hacked: 92 Million Account Details for DNA Testing Service (((MyHeritage)))

When you sign up to a website handling sensitive information, perhaps a medical service or social network, one of the basic things you’re probably hoping for is that the site can keep control of its users’ data. Unfortunately for customers of (((MyHeritage))), a genealogy and DNA testing service, a researcher uncovered 92 million account details related to the company sitting on a server, according to an announcement from MyHeritage.

The data relates to users who signed up to (((MyHeritage))) up to and including October 26, 2017—the date of the breach—the announcement adds.

Users of the Israeli-based company can create family trees and search through historical records to try and uncover their ancestry. In January 2017, Israeli media reported the company has some 35 million family trees on its website.

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How far do you want to look down the rabbit hole?

"We were hacked" is potentially just a convenient declaration for "if your information turns up elsewhere despite our nondisclosure agreement then we're already covered legally."



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Pretty sure this conspiracy theory has a basis in fact.

Dating apps push the multicultural liberal agenda by trying to get you to date and procreate with people outside your race. Try playing with the settings and trying to only discover or get matches who are caucasian. I tried this once and the app kept crashing or provided me with zero matches.

The biggest offender is the Coffee Meet Bagel app.


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Was Khomeini actually a British agent?

Zel got an answer to this question:

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Parzival said:
There is no one standing behind the and tell them, rape, slaughter, steal, kill or blow yourself up by screaming Allahu Akbar. Its all them. Those people are direct from hell. Pure evil to mankind. Created from the dark powers in the universe. There can't be light without darkness. No good without evil. No sanity without insanity. People can't hold their hands still, as I said many in the western world love the now thrill. And women even more love to open the pandoras box. And now their are here. The plague.

What I fear more is not them, its how my look on them change. How I get more radical.

Yes and no - part of the radicalization was certainly fostered by the globalists - Islam is radical and backwards by default which explains why their own wise leaders were reforming it by force:

1979 anti-Hijab protest had no chance


Khomeini – An agent of the UK and US goverments


ISIS - created, protected and supported by the globalists from start to finish.

But yeah - even if you create the head of the snake, the form of the snake is Islam and the all followers, rapists and general evildoers are doing all of it based on their own. No one is forcing them to do group rapes, have grooming gangs and marry their first cousin to produce demented low-IQ offspring. They are doing it themselves and that is why the Shah of Persia was essentially a more benevolent strong-man. They need guys like that in charge:

If he had remained in power then Iran would be a prosperous first world nation by now equaling certainly Israel in living standard and surpassing any of the dumb Arab states in the region. Also one highly successful secular Middle Eastern Muslim nation would have rubbed off on others - leading by example is far more effective than top-down color revolutions or crazy coups.

But it would have been only possible by pushing Islam as far back as possible and not by embracing the doctrine. Islam is fine with ceremonies, patriarchal general view and solid perception of fostering a war-like attitude - a certain warrior state is useful for every man, but Islam needs to be cut off from all power and all radical Imams weeded out with SWAT teams. Then you replace them with good-natured moderate ones who can focus on the positive aspects of the religion or suddenly teach more about Rumi or Khalil Gibran than what Mohammed has really done. Muslim saints were far more holy than the genocidal founder.


Amity - the 4-8 kids in Africa are mostly r-selected. If they did it the way the Jewish people did in the previous centuries of the smartest men having the most kids, then they would be on a good path. But we can safely assume that most smartest blacks have the least amount of kids planning a future for their offspring like most Whites and Asians and not popping them out willy-nilly while not even having enough income to feed himself.

Cannot be helped - Africa will be ruled by the Chinese :


Don't let the headlines fool you. The elite knows that Africans via rampant r-selection will not rule themselves properly - even their own elite usually become kleptocratic do-no-gooders. The Chinese will take over.


As for Europe - Glaucon - all resentment will one day erupt in the most extreme violence. The Europeans will become more extreme as time goes by and this is also desired. The globalists have no intent in Europe becoming a caliphate in 70 years. They know the power of demographics and they know that a 50% Muslim Europe will become almost ungovernable. But they will usher in a full-on war or a super-oppressive surveillance state to cope with it. They just use Islam and the rapefugees as a weapon now.

The globalists have been behind the Iranian revolution, the rise of ISIS and before that the Communist revolution, the Soviet empire as well as a few other projects like WWI and WWII. WWIII with Islam is just one new agenda point to them - no big deal.


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I was the biggest NASA fanboy when I was younger, and in my teenage years literally half the reason I liked the USA so much and its ideals, it was pure scientific good, the greatest thing we (they) ever did......but these two conversations have seriously destroyed my belief in these institutions for the first time.....and I used to laugh at all the conspiracy theory nutcases on this stuff as "plebs who want to tear down others becaus ethey couldn't do it themselves", even trotted out the usual line "how could 400,000 people working on the space programme be keeping it secret, nothing stays a secret among even a few people these days".

Since watching about 2 years ago, its hard to go back to watching films on it, documentaries, because the thought is lurking deep in the back of my mind that its all a farce, a PR show , to cover for something else. I was the last person who wanted to believe this....but here I am.

I've had a good nose and a lot of time for Richard Hall, was an engineer and programmer himself, and his other work on documentaries, level headed and considerate/skeptical.

This one in particular is incredible with the digitally added hills: