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loremipsum said:
How is that achieved?
Eastern spirituality speaks of attaining enlightenment. More fringe theoriest like Max Spiers and David Icke tell not to go into the white light where the tricksters will start scolding you to go back to pay your karmic debt.

You need to get rid of present & past bad karma as much as possible in each life to enter nirvana (no rebirth).

The tibetan book of the dead explains what to do in the intermediate spirtual realm after your death and before a potential rebirth.
It helps to have someone read it to you when you are dying or have just died.


Not sure if this is a conspiracy theory, I've always thought the rise of Barack Obama from State Senator to President was always planned. Even at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, I knew they were prepping him to be President.
I heard in the radio yesterday that Freud, who was jewish, actually believed that Moses was in fact an Egyptian and that the jews killed him, but covered it up and thus the Bible was born.

It does make sense, Moses is an Egyptian name.


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It's just fear porn, you could repair the damage from a localized EMP attack in a week, and there wouldn't be any issues with trucks and supplies coming from elsewhere.

If it's a more generalized hot war against Russia or China then you would have much greater worries than power being out...


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I found this one, and I think it honestly looks pretty convincing.

You all know the Zionist players involved in 911 which is good but there were others in that multifaceted false flag operation. Here in Kenya we've experienced false flags and sadly are still none the wiser. Remember the Westgate?
The media never told you the holding company West Pacific properties was majority owned by Frank Lowy,Larry Silverstein's partner at the WTC on 911.

Silverstein and Westfield America insured the complex for $3.55 billion, but after the attacks of September 11 lodged a claim for $7.1 billion on the premise that each plane collision constituted a separate act of terrorism, doubling the payout. Most people know about "Lucky"Larry Silverstein's part in 9/11 and his dubious connections to Binyamin Netanyahu et al, but not much has been reported on Lowy, so let's have a look.
See how many times terrorist alerts have been issued for his malls-its depressing cause you realise we never learn!?

11 years before the Israeli owned Mombasa Paradise hoe-tel ,said to be a Mossad R and R spot was blown up by an unheard of group calling themselves Army of God who've never been seen or heard of again.

Later the same Israeli 'survivors' faked a missile attack on their departing Arkia airlines charter jet-Their chutzpah is boundless!

This is the story of a beautiful Israeli hotel on the African seashore. It is the story of an Israeli owned holiday resort in Mombassa, Kenya, designed and built solely for the Israeli tourist market. It is also the story of total abuse of the local impoverished population. It is a tale of humiliation, cruelty and continuous daily rape of struggling African women. It is the usual horrendous story of Israelis inflicting pain on others but at times it is very funny in spite of itself. For instance, once a week, when the Israeli groups were departing in busses on their way back to the Mombassa terminal, the local crew ordered the African staff to chase their departing busses with tears in their eyes and to scream ‘please don’t leave us, we love you, please come back’. This bizarre instruction was given to the local crew by the Israeli hotel management as part of the package deal, the last image to bring home of an unforgettable holiday.

Our Garissa masssacre in which 140+ kids were slaughtered happened on Passover,an extremely significant date in their cult.
As far back as 1980 the Jewish owned Norfolk was blown up by Maltese from one of the alphabet soup PLO spinoffs allegedly revenge for the Entebbe rescue,itself a false flag 4 years earlier.
I'm told they've always had an interest here as we're close to the ME without being too close while being the source of the Nile and gateway to both tropical Africa and the Horn;plus we're mainly English speaking.

Do I believe there's a Jewish conspiracy specifically inimical to Kenya? Ummm,yeah-just as there's an ongoing war against all goyim.


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loremipsum said:
On page 7 I talked about the self proclaimed Rothschild. Apparently he was back 3 months ago on /pol/.
It could be a larp of him since unlike the original it didn't last for a whole year, but the type of writing is identical with the original posts.
In anycase if anyone is interested. /

He does the similar dance with words like the original Rothschild. Denies extraterrestial, spirituality or occult but gives hints here and there, and is obsessed with RH- bloodlines.
Age stretches far enough in my bloodline for a man to meet his Great-Great-Great Grandchildren. Women outlive men.
As usual, the elite are obsessed with life extension.

In later posts he shares some views that indicate beliefs on gnosticism.
"From Adam until the birth of Noah was 1,056 years. The previous chapter didn’t indicate that there were that many people, nor many daughters. Obviously, this is a different take on how the world was. How many people were there"
There were two different peoples. One tried to end he other, and the man of earth split in three.
It is a subversive text."God" isn't good. His sons aren't angels. They raped

I'm currently in a country whose ISP is blocked by 4plebs.

If the Rothschild thing isn't super long, could someone copypasta it for me? I'm very curious about this.

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Syberpunk said:

Hold onto to the 14 minute mark, where Xenon 129 gas, a byproduct produced from a nuclear explosion almost perfectly overlay the amount of that is currently in Mars atmosphere, Mars has very high levels of this inert gas.

This is really fascinating, even if some of the details (like the "pyramid") seem like stretches to me. The "Aztec Head" photographed by the rover is particular interesting, I just can't see how you could possibly believe that's naturally occurring. I'd have an easier time believing that somebody stuck part of an Aztec statue on the side of the Mars lander with duck tape as a joke and it fell off during the landing.

The main thing I'm wondering is why? I don't really get why you'd try to cover up evidence of civilization on Mars. Maybe I need to watch a lot more Mars conspiracy videos for an explanation.
What you see happening in your news and social media feeds are nothing short of an orchestrated coup for power. What you see is the dog and pony show being brought to you to distract from the true oligarchs who hold the cards. In the following, you will find the known hierarchy of the agents of Satan. Otherwise known as the “Globalists”.

The globalist organization is not shrouded in secrecy, or hidden behind a curtain. These people are well known, and control everything a peasant sheep would see, think, and believe. These people inflict the will of the Devil through institutions, media, and hoarding the world’s resources. Allowing the sheep to fight for scraps while they build their empires. To follow, I have written a brief overview of the currently known structure of this organization. However, this is a brief overview. I could write a full length book on the complexities and history of the organization and their members, but that bookl would be subsequently banned from all distribution of media outlets. I would be hunted and eliminated, as many others have before me.

The overview of the Organization is as follows: Satan, The “Spider”, the “Gernerals”, The “Henchmen”, and the “Surfs”.

Satan- The leader and giver of power. This is the most self-explanatory of the members. Of note, it's important to mention that satan cannot create through order. For order is divine and Godly. Therefore, Satan uses fear and chaos to enact his regime. Think russian revolution, global wars, pandemics, and mass media. The ultimate goal of Satan is to throw the world into chaos and maximize the suffering of the most people possible. When this occurs and people fall to greed, lust, pride, and many other sins. This empowers Satan and his grip around God’s holy Earth. Although Satan has no direct power over the people, he can enact his power through the acts of others beneath him.

The Spider: The Spider is a codeword or metaphor for the master of puppets. He spreads his web to control the other members of “The Council”. The Council is the combination of The Spider and the Generals. This is the “oligarchs” group. Although no one knows for certain how the Spider is selected, it is most likely a promoted General. The Spider does not talk directly to the media or deal in political affairs often. The Spider likes to remain behind the scenes. The spider is the only member of the Council who is in direct communion with Satan and gives the whispers of heresy to the other members. Allowing them to establish power in their own given categories. Weather “science and research”, “media”, or “politicians”. Ultimately all decisions are made through the Spider, however The Council is more like the Senate in ancient Rome as far as authority distribution.

The Gererals: Generals are members of The Council who are at the top of their respective fields. These people use their enormous wealth to control all aspects of society. Whether its “big tech” and their hold on the distribution of speech, and enabling of vice and sin through their internet prositution apps (onlyfans). Certain Generals will control all “science and research” funding, thus only creating “science” that is narrative confirming and silencing all counter narratives through manipulation of who get what funds. Others will control super PACs and lobbyist groups in order to control all politicians globally due to the absurd amount of money that is required to run for a major public office. Some control institutions of “justice” such as the FBI and CIA. All fortune 500 companies report directly to the Gererals. Others control medical fields, working together to allow mass abortions to empower demons such as Molaach and strengthen their grip. Known Generals are Soros, Rothschilds. And Bezos.

The Serfs: The serfs are the people who are controlled by the generals. The serfs receive funding from the Generals, in exchange they must enact the rule of the Generals. The surfs gladly do this to achieve Earthly power over their neighbor. The serfs contain heads of big tech companies, Zuckerberg, Tim Cook. Others are politicians, mostly on the democractic side of the political spectrum; Obama, Clintons, Biden, palosi, even forign leaders like Merkel. Anyone who is propped up by the media and mysteriously arrives in a position of power, like Fauci, AOC, Omar. Also, by combining their powers of tech and media, the Generals have the ability to completely drive any narrative seen on mass media through owning all of the networks of press distribution. The surfs do not communicate directly with the generals, but their generals communicate to them through intermediaries, such as Media Matters, various stock holding institutions, and government agencies.

Does this all sound strange and outlandish? Do you think this must be the ramblings of conspiracy? Well I ask you, why the WHO cover for China during the spreading of the Covid-19 virus? Why did the media tell you it was a bat in a wet market and not the bioweapons facility funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in Wuhan? Why did every big tech and news company suddenly become enraged at the death of a black man by cops? Doesn't, according to them, this occurs all the time? Why was there a mass cover up of Epstein’s murder and any evidence to the other pedo rapists that visited his island not even investigated? How did the Rothschilds make and maintain all their wealth? Why are Churches not allowed to congregate but abortion factories and liquor stores remain open? Why have governors encouraged the lock down of their people and destruction of their property through mobs and riots? Why the coordinated attacks against Donald Trump? Why did they prop up a candidate who clearly has cognitive decline? Why are small businesses closing but the oligarchs are syphoning more of the wealth?

I encourage you to see for yourself, and do your own due diligence. Turn off the CNN MSNBC mass media, and pray to the Lord. For the word of Jesus and the light of Christ is all you need on Earth until one day you meet your eternal salvation. For the righteous power of Christ is all that can overcome the evil works of the globalists. All life on Earth is temporary. Have no fear and submit to the one true God. It is not too late to repent for your sins.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.”