Corona as catalyst for a #GreatAwakening and Victory for QAnon & Patriots (white pill thread)

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I was surprised that Roosh liked two of my posts about Q today (click 1, click 2) , because I know there's a lot of skepticism when it comes to that topic. I was more than skeptical myself and in fact dismissed it completely as a likely psy-op until about 6 weeks ago. Then a video by Amazing Polly made me think hmm. Maybe there's something to this after all?

I started looking into it a bit more and found out that the MSM media attacks Q quite relentlessly as a "far-right fringe conspiracy theory". Simple heuristic: If the MSM says something is false, then it is likely true... and if the MSM says something is a "conspiracy theory", then the likelihood of it being true increases significantly. If they call it far-right, then the deep state REALLY hates it.

Note that another name for Q is "17", the 17th letter of the alphabet... Trump made his jersey number 17 instead of 45, like all other presidents before him. Q is also censored by iOS apps, Google apps and reddit. Q accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers on youtube, twitter and Facebook are shadow banned and starting to get deleted entirely. I listened to some Q anon youtube streams and people call in saying they were completely blue pilled until Q showed up on the scene.

So I think we can dismiss the psy-op theory. Two other common criticisms of Q are: 1. he made false predictions... Okay. His followers say disinformation is necessary because the deep state reads his drops. That's not proof of course, but it's at least plausible. And 2. Q makes people passive ("trust the plan")... If you actually read the Q drops though, he's constantly telling people to be active, to research conspiracies, to spread awareness, to fight for civil liberties, and so forth.

Here are the Q related posts in the other thread (maybe worth moving here, mods?)... posts 3,760 to 3,762, and 3,768 to 3,776. You should read these posts before replying to this thread, as some key concepts are discussed there.

The "Great Awakening" is a meme I've seen floating around the internet in a number of different circles... Q types, spiritual types, conspiracy types... corona seems to have doubled the number of people who question WTF is going on in the world and who see through the lies of the mainstream narrative. Even my mom is becoming politically active, and she's been in a deep slumber and on a full-on blue pill diet of mainstream television until corona.

Maybe most notably, all the pedogate stuff is getting a lot of traction at the moment with the documentary "Out of Shadows", which got ~1 million views per day upon launch and is great first red pill to send to normies. It has Hollywood production values and is made by a famous stuntman Mike Smith together with CIA whistle blower Kevin Ship.

Heavy-weight boxing champion David Rodriguez also had a small intimate stream he did with a few dozen people go absolutely viral because he talks about the pedogate stuff in Hollywood... people are waking up:

I'll reiterate what I've said on other threads... the battle for mankind is not a battle of republicans vs. democrats, china vs. america or even deep state vs. patriots. It's a battle of good vs. evil. Christians vs. Satanists. It's a spiritual battle. Therefore it is absolutely crucial to keep our spiritual and thought energy high. They want you in fear. Fear of corona is bad and fear of the NWO is just as bad.

We win inevitably by having FAITH. Romans 8:31. If God is for us, who can be against us? I'm not a moderator so I can't ban people who black pill in this thread but anyone who does will go on my ignore list. I've been black pilled too long. The black pill led me to the God pill and the God pill led me back to the white pill and that's where I intend to stay.

Now, if you really want to dig into Q, I highly recommend the book "Revolution Q" (click). It's absolutely gripping and I couldn't put it down until I finished it in two sittings. Regular Q updates can be found here:

Finally, I say with Q: Nothing can stop what's coming... Nothing.
And even Q's somewhat dorky catch phrase... where we go one, we go all.

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I intend to make this a thread for WHITE PILLS. If you have black pills, keep them... lol. Or post them somewhere else. So here's a white pill to start with... Trump saying "I feel about vaccines like I feel about tests, this is gonna go away without a vaccine, and we're not gonna see it again."


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they say all you got to do is sit back and do nothing
[citation needed]
No such post in the Q drops. And, something I addressed in the OP... seems like you replied without reading it all. Q's message is: "You're the media now. Handle with care." His main call to action is: research these red pills and then wake everyone else up too. He encourages other forms of action too, like fighting for our civil liberties. He recently linked up a law for that, for example:

Many such cases. Ultimately Q seems to be a propaganda campaign to spread the truth and form a counter narrative to the globalist lies. His posts are mostly bucket loads of red pills, all conveyed via the Socratic method (click). Hence all the question marks in his posts. That works a lot better than telling people facts... if they figure the answers out themselves, they're far more likely to accept them. Also, it's like a fun treasure hunt... probably why it's become so popular.


Just because questions are asked doesn't make it the Socratic method. It's a one way dialogue. You're accepting Q's frame by going from question to question, and rationalizing why they're right or what it could mean.

Look at corruption X, Y, and Z!! Can you believe the horrible things these hollywood/pedophile/deep state is doing [email protected]?! OMG spread it. Show how corrupt society is. Trust in the legal system to deal with these things(because it totally worked first time around), we have these sealed indictments which totally matter because the rule of law prevails. Don't actually do anything. Research and trust the plan.

What the hell do you expect when the entire American worldview is set up to worship power? Do you think that if these things get "exposed" society will just magically get better? How much time has Q spent on opposing the bank bailouts that were given again in 2020 after it was done at taxpayer expense after the crash in 2008? How much time has he spent in researching why America is flooded with opiates? Why is political theater the only thing that matters to Q?

It's easy to focus on the corruption and failings of others, but you can only fix society by becoming a moral person yourself. Am I 100% sure beyond a shadow of a doubt what's happening? No. Does it seem plausible? Yes, a lot of it is. Do I condone the alleged behaviour? No, but why focus on trimming weeds, when I can rather focus on the root of the problem. How did people come to this point where they think that this behaviour is okay?

It's an elevation of the ego, the sin of pride in it's late stages, where the utter contempt for life is shown blatantly, but who here on this forum has not been guilty of the sin of pride, formerly being a forum for the satisfaction of lust. Yes, political elites are far deeper than you in manifested sin, but that doesn't make yours okay. You don't have to answer to God for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton will have to do that. You can only control yourself, and your own reaction to the world.

Stop paying attention to the circuses, you know they had to eventually migrate to the internet from the TV.


Q also seems bizarrely uninterested in things like the Teneo blackberry scandal where Hunter Biden was helping smuggle arms (most likely set up as a fall guy in case it went wrong) or AIPAC’s wholesale purchase of US legislators.

And no, exposing things won’t help because everyone has already retreated into camps that they’ve set up along racial identity lines. We’ve had some major leaks over the past decade with Snowden being the most significant and most people didn’t give a shit.

That link I'm sharing because there's one often forgotten tidbit that anyone with a political education knows: Only a small percentage of the population's opinions actually matter.

Going to this extreme of employing robotic dogs to keep people apart has the same result of preventing social gatherings which evolve into protests and eventually revolution. Protests against this global lockdown are erupting around the world. At least 10% of the population will never be turned into mindless fools. Statistically, they know that because it is this same group that decides real elections.


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I don’t know about this Q stuff, but I thought you’d all find this interesting.

On the day Flynn was vindicated, his brother tweeted that cryptic quote from the general. “What a beautiful black sky”.

I saw that and scratched my head on what that means.

Coup plotter Andrew McCabe in his book said that in the FBI interview where Flynn was being set up, General Flynn made the strange statement “what a beautiful black sky“ three times.

what does it mean?

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What does Q say about Israel and the Jewish oligarchies? (note the socratic method:like:)

It makes sense if you think about it... the Israel lobby is the most powerful one, you can't take it on first. And JQ is the most difficult red pill there is. The fact that we were able to start there makes us outliers. When it comes to normies, you'll have an easier time convincing them that aliens are real. The brainwashing on this topic runs deeper than any other... no topic has more documentaries made about it than the holocaust.

Imagine someone told you that Satan is the good guy and Jesus deserved to be crucified, and you can maybe get a good idea of the kind of cognitive dissonance normies experience when you talk to them about JQ. It all needs to be done in a way that can win the hearts and minds of the American public at large.

We want Trump to do more and to do it faster. I was off the Trump train in 2019 for that reason and I now think it was immature to be that impatient. Too few people currently understand the situation to just come right out and solve it all at once with a military coup. Q's mission seems to be exactly that: make more people understand the rot so there will be broad public support when it's rooted out.

Until enough people are awake to strike, we need to boil the frog... just like they did to us. Civil war fantasies are a LARP. It would only end up hurting innocent people. Keep in mind liberals are good people, with good (albeit completely misguided) intentions. In the Matrix analogy, they're not the enemy... they're the people still trapped in the pods. We need to free them and wake them up, not defeat them. The enemy isn't them.
Q has been saying that the "big move" is right around the corner, almost every single week for over two years. At this point it's too late; even if every single member of Obama's cabinet were arrested tomorrow, the pandemic response combined with the demographic catastrophe guarantee that the Deep State is still going to get exactly what it wants. It might take a couple extra years, but by the time Republicans are done "calling for resignations" and otherwise losing "with nobility," the DS will already be ten more hoaxes and disasters ahead.
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What does Q say about Israel and the Jewish oligarchies? (note the socratic method:like:)
Something to add.

Q recently posted a link to a pedogate style YouTube video called 'Out of Shadows' (which went viral on FB etc and then quickly banned by YT). Q posted the link about a day after the video came out - coincidence #1.

In it, it strangely and briefly featured 'the Nazi's', how they were into 'Occult practices' and how this someone has fed (or even led) into the Satanic stuff we have today... I say strangely as it didn't seem to flow or fit into the plot.

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What happens when "enough people are awake"? What is the "strike"?
From what I understand, they will take down the entire deep state and every corrupt element in this country that's connected to it, even past administrations, the pedos, the MSM, Hollywood, you name it. I assume this is going to take place over time and so gradually that normies may never even know there really was something this big going on. Q does seem to say the first big domino will be FISA.

Flynn is exonerated. That implicates Comey, and probably also the DNC, the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration. #obamagate is trending on twitter today with 1.8 million tweets.

I'm not making any hard predictions here, especially not about time lines. Q never does either. But I do think the tables have turned and after fucking with Trump for 3 years, he's going to return the favor. Word is he's an extremely vindictive person.

Let's see. The return of Flynn is HUGE and very good news.

One more white people for you guys:

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He’s saying they kind screwed the pooch on this one:

Everyone knows I do not support conspiracy theories. I had ABSOLUTE confirmation BEYOND question that there were people associated with Bill Gates who sold their entire portfolios in January and it was because there was a coming “virus” that was arriving weeks before WHO said anything. I knew from the outset that this was a contrived attempt to:

  • (1) overthrow Trump because they saw him as standing in the way of their desired New Green World Order, and
  • (2) they deliberately sought to cause a recession to shut down the world economy in hopes of destroying industry to then rebuilt it with ZERO CO2.

These elitists have seriously misjudged the situation. They thought it would be easy to rebuild the economy, they were profoundly WRONG! There is a rising tide of discontent and they have drastically underestimated human society. They assumed we are all just stupid and can be manipulated like sheep. There is no foundation behind their dream of a New Green World Order. They are more likely going to set in motion more death and destruction than Karl Marx.
Note I have been saying that (on one level at least) there are multiple factions. One of them is this New Deal faction (who probably were responsible for the direction the marvel franchise took with Thanos). Even if you want to throw spiritual warfare into the equation it’s not as if demons all get along: one of the punishments of hell is unbridled enmity against the other damned.