Corona as catalyst for a #GreatAwakening and Victory for QAnon & Patriots (white pill thread)

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Wikileaks concludethat Q is AstroTurf.
Source on that wikileaks? Note that Assange is pretty much a liberal.
AB also pointed out that purpleanon claimed Q was a Kushner idea to keep America Firsters on the plantation.
Who's AB? Who's purpleanon?
In any case, that doesn't make sense because all Q is doing is red pilling people that were previously blue pilled, and even democrats.

OTOH, he's bluepilling zero people who were previously red pilled... because that cannot be done.
As Morpheus said, once you take the red pill, there is no way back.

Trump psy op backfired too, totally destroyed CNN and other MSM outlets.
These tractors are really not very good at this controlled opposition thing, eh?

Anyway, back on topic for those who are actually interested.
Remember Neon Revolt, the guy wrote the fantastic book "Revolution Q" (which all of you should read cause it has a 4.8 rating on amazon),
He just started a new podcast. It's pretty good.



Yes, I do remember NeonRevolt.

Read what AnonymousBosch had to say about him.

And yeah...”Totally backfired”. Putting full faith and endless credit into hero worship is very far from “red pill”. You’ve just taken the other half of the blue pill.

To me a strong indicator that someone isn’t redpill is if they say things like “Assange is liberal, therefore anything he says can be safely dismissed”.

That isn’t actual thinking. It isn’t being “red pill. It’s just tribalism and reflective of a mind that is still trapped inside the “left bad right good!” Hegelian dialectic. Not that those things don’t exist in a way and the terminology isn’t sometimes useful but it’s silly in the extreme to say that automatically invalidates someone’s perspective.

For example it was originally people on the left who were most skeptical of Israel. Were they wrong? Were left leaning writers like Matt Taibbi when they pointed out bankers basically run the country? Was Glenn Greenwald wrong when he pointed out RussiaGate was an evidence-free conspiracy theory? Was Assange wrong when he leaked evidence that the government records all internet activity?

So hopefully some can see “Well he’s a lefty so therefore he can be ignored!” To be a juvenile argument roughly on par with what charlatans like Hannity and Maddow express.
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I asked you for a source., and two other questions too.
Instead of responding to any of that you call me blue pilled... lol.
Okay, thanks for the serious discussion. Very red pilled of you.
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Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
I have a response to that, but I can't prove it (yet). So this will be my last post on this thread until I can.
Until then, what you posted is a very valid objection.
Trump does want a regime change in Iran, and has said that he considers Snowden a traitor (that's his public stand, even if he doesn't mean it). As far as that woman Suzie Dawson... I don't know how you can trust that source.

It comes down to if you trust Trump to do what he's been saying or not - if you look at his twitter it's clear that he's in full war mode. Either way by simply existing he's exposing the corrupt media as the mouthpiece for the oligarchs that it is.

He's changed things, and only good can come from it.
Not only have I read Revolution Q, but Neon was the first guy to publish an article about my book. His site was the reason it became a best-seller (the first time anyway).

He and I don’t agree on Q (or more recently, on UFOs and aliens), but anyone accusing him of shilling is wrong. He believes what he says he believes.

That said, I am still waiting for your answer on what Q’s specific vision or end-goal looks like. My thesis is that he has no actual goal, which is the hallmark of modern American “Conservatism.” I have yet to see a shred of evidence to the contrary, but will reiterate my challenge to provide some.
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I have been following this from a distance and am hopeful (insomuch as I see the claims to upset the deep state power brokers), but I agree I don't see anything clear in terms of how far this might go or what outcomes, even the most successful, are possible. Does the Q movement, for example, "End the Fed" too?